Slow Going…

So trying to find time to read during the week usually doesn’t happen until bedtime.  All the small errands wind up taking up a lot of time.  Paying bills, doing laundry, cleaning, doing dishes, grocery shopping, etc. Also fall prime time television shows are back! My DVR is almost always at 100% full, so I try to take one day a week after work to clean it up.  Anyway – this week in particular has been super slow for me. 

Todd at our Wedding

Todd and I started to write our thank you cards for the wedding, which takes up a lot of time.  You want to make sure you hand write something to everyone, thanking them not only for their gift but thanking them for making the trip to Connecticut for the wedding. We had some family members travel super far (Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia, etc etc)

I also sat down with Todd to figure out our money situations.  After the wedding there is so much stuff to do to combine bank accounts and savings accounts and health insurance and just everything. It takes so much time to organize everything and get the papers for everything.  I took the day off of work on Friday so that I could go to the social security office to officially change my name. That was a trip.

Typical Photo of Me and Adam

Adam and I went to the Social Security office in New Haven on Friday morning. What a trip.  First it took like an hour for me to parallel park in this tiny ass spot. We get into the building, get upstairs and it takes all of 5 minutes in the office to get my name changed.  Once that was done we headed over to the DMV office to get my Connecticut license with my new name and address!! We get to the DMV and god was that a cluster.  There are people everywhere and it’s so ghetto. Half the signs had tape over words on them and arrows pointing in other directions and it was so confusing.  I had to have a photo of myself taken before I could turn in my paperwork to have my license transferred.  It was crazy. I finally get all my paperwork done and my picture taken and head over to the license transfer line. I’m waiting in line, I get called and I’m giving all my paperwork over to the woman behind the counter.  This woman and her son proceed to stand literally 4 inches away from me the entire time we’re going through my paperwork.  It was creepy and just weird.  Finally finish all my paperwork, do a quick eye exam, and sit for my license photo. Several hours later we leave the DMV with my new CT license in hand.  We decide to grab some lunch at Corner Deli (a personal favorite) and head back to my apt to eat.  Once done I went quickly to have my nails done and then it was off to Long Island for Ashley’s bachelorette booze cruise. 

Todd and I got stuck in insane amounts of traffic on the way down but it was worth the trip.  I got through about 50 pages of one of my books, and then had to actually pay attention to where we were so that we didn’t get lost.  We finally make it down to the pier with a little bit of time to spare.

Me, Ashley, and Kate

  I called Kate (Ashley and my other roommate from college, and also one of my best friends) and find out she’s about 10 minutes out.  Todd and I park in the parking lot near City Field and realize that the train is on the other side of four different highway underpasses.  We quickly realize that Kate is going to have to cross all the lanes of traffic in the dark.  We figure out where Kate is and direct her towards the boat and a mini reunion ensues! We say goodbye to Todd and make our way down the pier towards the boat.  Hop on board and settle in for our 4-hr boat ride around Manhattan.  Kate and I had a freaking blast. 

Ashley and Captain Arnold!

 The captain of the ship, Captain Arnold, came down and entertained us for a bit with some magic tricks.  Thankfully we just kept drinking during them and laughed at all the right moments.  Ashley provided us with some fantastic faces while this was ensuing.  We finished up the tricks with Arnie, then had some dinner, then it was up to the third floor for some dancing! There were some characters on that boat but my did they add to the fun.  One woman was kind enough to impart on us her advice for a successful marriage, another woman, Delores, danced with us the whole night, we met some creepy old men that loved Ashley.  It was a great night, to say the absolute least.  Upon docking Todd picked me and Kate up headed home.  Kate to the train station and us back to Connecticut. 

Our plan to get new plates for our cars was thwarted Saturday morning by us sleeping too late! By the time we woke up the DMV was only open for another hour.  Judging from the lines at DMV I had seen the day before we opted out of going and are planning on hitting DMV up next weekend.  It’s sure to be a great time.  We spend the rest of Saturday reading and cleaning the apartment in preparation for our 3rd annual Halloween party next Saturday.  (I’ll be sure to post some photos from that!) Saturday night was spent in Wallingford at the bowling ally that does karaoke.  SO MUCH FUN. Todd and Adam did a lovely rendition of “My Humps”.  Needless to say, the crowd went WILD.  We got home at 2am and passed right out.  Today is being spent much as yesterday’s was.  Reading and cleaning!

I’ve also spent a good amount of time this week trying to set up the blog.  I posted reviews for 2 books I’d recently finished reading that were relatively new book releases.  I’ll try to post reviews for each book I finish, hopefully encouraging someone to read them!  I’m off to continue reading, I have a long way to go to get to 100 this year, and the only way I’ll get there is by more reading!!  Later this week I’ll put up a post about my list of books I’m preparing for 2011.  I’ve started compiling things that I know are going to be released in 2011, classics I’ve never gotten around to reading, and my favorite books I have to re-read each year.

Happy Reading!

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