The Weekly Roundup – Week 2

SLOW SLOW WEEK.  Only finished two books this week.  Something Blue (Reviewed here) and The Matter at Mansfield (Review coming!)I was so unmotivated this week.  I was busy at work and by the time I got home I really just wanted to veg out.  My DVR is  super full and I’m also way behind on showing films for the film discussions part of my book club.  I decided to try to catch up on that stuff and find time to read each night.  I got through writing my blurbs for two of the five films I needed to and also showed one of them.  I started writing blurbs for films maybe two months ago for my book club on films I thought were important to see. (I have a huge love of films and like to share the knowledge I have on them) I dedicate each month to a different genre and select a film for each week.  I write a blurb on each film with a quick summary and some production notes and then show the film.  So anyway I showed one of the films I was behind on showing on Tuesday.  (Adam, Todd, and I watched Vertigo – SO GOOD)

Thursday we helped do a surprise for our friend Zach’s birthday.  His girlfriend was flying his best friend Sky in from Nebraska and needed us to keep Zach busy while she went to the airport to pick Sky up.  We planned on doing dinner down in New Haven but Sky’s flight got delayed and we had to roll with the changes.  We moved dinner to Todd and my apartment and kept Zach busy.  We ordered some chinese food and waited for Jess to show up with Sky!  We sat down to eat when Jess walked in and sat down with us for dinner.  We all chit-chatted for about 2 minutes when there was another knock on the door.  We had Zach go open it and he was absolutely flabbergasted to see Sky waiting at the door.  We sat down for a great dinner and just hung out for a while.  After everyone left I read for exactly 10 minutes and passed out. 

Friday bought a day of work followed by an evening of Todd and I catching up on the DVR.  We caught up on all the episodes of Boardwalk Empire that we were behind on.  (We highly recommend that show)  I also finished up my blog review for Something Blue and began drafting some ideas for new posts on my blog.  Todd and I got to bed around 2am, only to wake up super early the next day for our fantastic trip to the DMV.  

Todd and I spent most of our Saturday at the DMV getting our cars registered and plated for CT.  If my next trip to the DMV is in ten years, it will be too soon.  Todd and I wasted a good part of our day there and spent a fortune.  We got there got our paperwork and filled everything out, only to be told we needed emissions testings.  We got our cars tested and headed back to DMV to wait forever.  We finally got everything settled and were off to the bank.  I changed my name at the bank and then Todd and I added each other to our accounts.  Then it was off for lunch and some errands.  Saturday night we celebrated Zach’s birthday at Jess’ house and had a freaking blast.  Had some beers, played some pong, and hung out.  Great great time.

Sunday it was off to New Jersey for a wake.  We spent the morning with my Grandma and had some lunch.  Then off to the wake. I got a fair amount of reading done during the car ride down.  I got to see my sister and her fiancée Jason during the trip which made me happy.

Hopefully this week I’ll be a bit more motivated.  I’ve cleaned up the DVR and I’m almost caught up on my movie blurbs for book club.  I’m looking forward to being all caught up and having another five books under my belt.  (I closed this week out with completing #72 – still progress!)

Just a note – I’m hoping those reading my blog (many thanks to you) are enjoying what has been published so far.  I hope that you enjoy it enough to share my blog with others!!  Thanks so much for the support so far – it’s much appreciated.

Happy Reading!!!

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