Living With A Book Addict – Week 3

Hello there fellow blog readers.  It’s been a long week, but not an uneventful one.  This past weekend I attended a bachelor party in Atlantic City, a conference in Cambridge, Mass, and in general had a lot of work to do.  Therefore, my apologies that this post is a bit late.

So, where were we on the book front?  Well, as expected Kim, Adam, and I took a trip to Barnes and Noble yesterday and picked up some books (yes, I also had coffee for those at home keeping score).  Of particular interest is the first installment of a series of comics called Walking Dead.  These tell the story of a man who awakens to find himself alone in zombie-infested Georgia.  Similar to 28 Days Later, he must orient himself with his surroundings and find his family while trying his best to avoid becoming a zombie entrée.  We originally heard of this series via a show on AMC that is based off of these comics.  It’s really interesting stuff (I love a good old-fashioned zombie apocalypse), and the show is really well done.  Unfortunately there are only 6 episodes this season, but it’s already been picked up for another season.  Gina, I know you read this, so don’t tell me what happens!

Anyway, zombies are a good segue into what I thought might be a good topic for today: the paranormal/undead.  I’ve always been interested in this sort of stuff, but ever since vampires sort of exploded into the collective consciousness of America, everyone has been scrambling to get a piece of the undead pie (so to speak).  Originally Kim was obsessed with the Twilight series, as were most females when the series of books and movies came out.  However, once the original Twilight mania ended, Kim and I found a little show called True Blood on HBO.  As most of you know who watch the show, it is the adult-ified version of Twilight with much better writing.  Kim read though all 9 books in the series in 5 days (yes, you read that correctly) and we promptly began to watch the show week after week.  In a nutshell, it is amazing.  The series mainly takes place in Louisiana, which already is host to a long culture and tradition of ritualistic cult and magic worship that has been passed down through the state’s history.  This makes it the perfect backdrop for the twists and turns of the plot which seem to get more detailed every episode.  Recently I finished the first book in the series: Dead Until Dark.  It is sharply written, with no lags in the plot and follows the classic tale of a series of unsolved murders that mount until a climactic end.  I’m quite excited to try the rest (although not in 5 days), and can’t wait to see what Charlene Harris comes up with next.  Incidentally, have you ever seen a picture of her?  She looks like the nicest lady ever.  Anyway, if you’re into the undead sort of thing go give it a try.

Finally, I thought I’d pass along another good author that I’ve just told Kim about and just heard of myself via some friends at work: HP Lovecraft.  He’s a horror author from the early 20th century, who wrote about science fiction, the existence of human life, and the cosmos.   Check it out!

Until next week, you stay classy, internet.

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