Todd’s Tiffany’s

Howdy folks, Kim asked me to post on my “Tiffany’s”, as others have done here before me. (Kim’s is here and Adam’s is here)  Personally, my “Tiffany’s” may not be a conventional place, but rather an action.  My “Tiffany’s” is driving.  Yes, for me there is nothing better than downshifting into third gear pulling out of a turn and feeling my car pull through and race away.  Mind you, I don’t happen to have the fastest car in the word (2000 VW Jetta), but it suits my purposes just fine.  It just so happens that “race away” becomes a relative term when you’re struggling to go 0-60 in under 10 minutes…  Anyway, whenever I feel stressed or just have a long day, I always enjoy putting a little extra oomph in my drive home.  I don’t believe that the feeling is car-specific, because I also enjoyed driving when I had my previous car, however I do feel that it is more enjoyable ever since I got a manual transmission car.  When I first bought the car and had to drive Kim and myself home, I was working on very little manual transmission experience.  It was a bumpy ride to say the least!  However, what began as a source of anxiety soon became second nature to me, and I still find myself looking to shift gears when I switch from driving my car to Kim’s car.  As other manual transmission drivers will attest, driving stick requires more attention to RPM’s and one’s surroundings, as the car does not automatically shift to match the speed of the vehicle.  Even though it would seem like more work to some, the feeling of being able to shift down a gear and surge through turns and move nimbly through open spots on the highway is definitely a good stress reliever to me.

Of course, the additions of a warm summer day, an open sunroof, and blasting music all enhance this experience, but driving is still an escape to me in the winter.  Even though I may be shivering at the start as I hope that my car cranks over in the wonderful low digit mornings we have here in CT, as soon as the heat gets pumping the drive is little different from what it would be in the summer.  In fact, the rattle of my exhaust is much less noticeable with the windows up and the music on (it needs to be fixed, it has quite a large hole in the exhaust).  So, I can now put that off until the warmer months when I can hear the blaring of the exhaust more clearly, haha.

So, next time you are on your dreaded commute to work, just take a second to enjoy your time driving, you may find that you take a liking to driving.  Just don’t go taking a job farther away for the longer commute, the gas prices will kill you…

3 thoughts on “Todd’s Tiffany’s

  1. Totally with you on this and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Shifting from 3rd to 4th (that rear-facing shift when you’re already going at a good speed) if the best feeling in the world! Sometimes when I’m driving and I shift from 3rd to 4th, I think about the scene in Back to the Future when Marty is being chased by the terrorists and he makes the same shift-movement (although it is from 5th to 6th gear) and pulls away to escape. Although my 00 Chevy Cavalier isn’t nearly as awesome as the Delorean.

  2. Todd, I think you have awakened numberous not so fond memories of us all getting into a cold noisy car hoping it would start. But as I start my car, parked across the street, from inside my warm living room , those memories are fading. Sorry honey – keep warm.

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