The Books that Changed Our Lives – Greg’s Edition + GIVEAWAY

Guest posting today is Greg Cikatz.  Thank you for joining us!!

I wouldn’t call myself the biggest fan of reading, but every once in a while I come across a book or two that I have difficulties putting down.  Some of these books challenge me to think a little outside of my norm, some shed new light on topics of interest to me, and others change my entire course of living.  When my father introduced me to the book Who Moved My Cheese?, I was going through a bit of a rough patch in my life and he thought it might help me gain some insight and perspective as to what I wanted out of life.  Looking at this book wouldn’t give many people the feeling of being a life-changing book.  In its paperback form it is 90-something pages and looks and feels like a children’s book.  However it was the exact opposite of everything I had thought it would be.

Cover Image

The basic premise of the story revolves around two sets of characters; 2 mice (Sniff and Scurry) and 2 little humans (Hem and Haw) and their individual struggles of living in a maze trying to survive.  All four characters start at the same point in the maze, a place where there is an abundance of cheese; however, noticing the supply is slowing dwindling, the two mice take the proactive approach and set off to explore the rest of the maze leaving the two humans behind.  After some time in the same place, the two humans run out of food and begin blaming each other. After great discussion, argument, and debate, Haw decides to take it upon himself to not go hungry anymore and set off to explore the rest of the maze hoping to find a new source of food, leaving a very stubborn Hem behind. Along his journey, Haw begins to learn specific ideas which form the backbone to the moral of the story.

So how did a simple book about mice change my life?  While reading, I saw myself during different points in my life, as each of the characters.  There were times over the years when I struggled to grasp certain truths, other times when I thought I knew it all and felt as though I was ahead, and points when I felt like I was just running through an endless maze looking for that next source of figurative cheese.  The book put into perspective, in very simple and easy to understand metaphors, exactly what characters you should think like, what characters you should learn from, and what traits you should possess if you to set yourself up for success.  Cheese has eight very simple principles, all of which center around the idea of adapting to change and overcoming obstacles, and it was those ideas that set off the light bulb which changed how I view problems and life in general. 

Since reading that book, I have put into practice each of those ideas and my life has become increasingly better; I have come to terms with certain struggles, set and accomplished new goals I never thought would be possible, and found great ways of understanding and keeping up with the changes around me, both in my personal and professional life.

GIVEAWAY- One lucky winner will be given a copy of Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson.  Leave a comment below of a book that has helped you overcome an obstacle or given you advice to face a certain challenge in your life.  Comments will be accepted through Wednesday March 30th at midnight.  Winners will be picked at random and announced Thursday March 31st.  Giveaway open to US & Canadian residents only. 

4 thoughts on “The Books that Changed Our Lives – Greg’s Edition + GIVEAWAY

  1. despite the name, the book “Ice Cream & Sadness” always seems to cheer me up when im down. it helps me overcome an obstacle or give me advice to face a certain challenge in my life

  2. “Story Structure – Demystified” by Larry Brooks, though geared to improve writing skills, has kicked me over a HUGE mountain in my personal life.

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