Final Cruise Wrap-Up!

Hey there fellow readers.  We’re on to our final days of the cruise!  Day 7 saw us travel to Mallorca, Spain, as we made our final port of call.  We began our day walking around Mallorca, visiting the Arab Baths (built when Mallorca was under Arab rule hundreds of years ago), and taking in the history of the city.  We ended up visiting the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, the official summer residence of the Royal Family of Spain.  It was really cool to see how fortified the building was, with many of the walls being at least 3 feet thick!  There were rumors that the actual royal family was either at the palace or nearby, as there were areas of the palace that were off-limits and there was an obvious security presence.

After the palace, we attempted to find somewhere to eat, but at 11:30 there were almost no restaurants open!  Apparently everywhere in Spain (and Europe, for that matter) people tend to eat and do most things later than we do here in the US.  It wouldn’t be abnormal to go to dinner at 8:30, stay out until midnight or so, and then go to work the next morning at around 9.  Having said that, we were unfortunately forced to choose between a row of tourist-trap restaurants, and we ended up spending a lot of money on food that wasn’t so good.  The highlight of said lunch was that Kim got a liter of diet coke with about 15 three-foot long straws sticking out of it! After lunch, we headed back on to the boat.  The weather was beginning to take a turn for the worse and we’d seen all we wanted to see at this port.  We decided to spend the final night packing and relaxing with Christine, Jason, Mark, and Christy.  (Highlight was definitely ordering my room service pizza)

The next morning, we disembarked from the boat for good and headed to Montserrat, a mountain range near Barcelona.  Rising 4,000 feet above Catalonia, Spain, the mountain range is home to Santa Maria de Montserrat, a Benedictine Abbey.  We initially rode a cable car up to the first landing, where we ate lunch and walked around the Abbey.  Next, we took a funicular (a train-like thing that travels up a steep slope) to the higher landing up in the mountains of Montserrat.  We then hiked a few of the trails and took in the view, it was amazing!  I’m afraid of heights, so at times the view was too much.  Kim even went back down the mountain at one point, the heights were too much for her.  Montserrat was definitely an awesome end to an even more amazing trip.  I truly won’t forget the things I saw and the people I met.  It was then time to hit the hotel, change our clothes, and go for one final dinner in Barcelona.  We made it back to our hotel around 11pm, only to have to wake up at 4am to begin the trek to the airport.

While I’m sad that the trip is over Kim and I have pictures and memories that will last a lifetime.  Thanks to everyone for tuning in to read the ramblings of our trip.  We’re so happy we were able to share it all with you!
As always…..happy reading!

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