#79 A Review of Storm Born #4 by Richelle Mead (Dark Swan Comic Series)

Richelle Mead's Storm Born #4 (Regular Cover)We begin the fourth installment of Mead’s Storm Born series in the otherworld, following Eugenie as she struggles to escape the clutches of Aeson and his soldiers.  Originally there to save Jasmine from Aeson and his followers, Eugenie discovers that she has been betrayed by Wil in order to secure Jasmine’s release.  Held at knife-point, Eugenie is moments from death until Kiyo leaps into the room in the form of a fox, his true otherworld appearance.  Momentarily distracted, Eugenie is able to escape back to the human world, but not before she finds out a shocking piece of information about her relationships to Roland Markham and the Storm King.  Shocked by this discovery, Eugenie is still reeling when she also discovers that there is a prophecy regarding her first-born son.  Therefore, she finds herself under constant attack from male gentry who attempt to impregnate her.  Fortunately, Kiyo stands guard, aiding her whenever he can.  He and Eugenie put their past behind and form a close friendship which may turn into something more in time.  With all of these events, it’s no wonder that Eugenie finds herself pulled in a hundred different directions!  Will she be able to defeat the gentry attack and find herself after discovering the secret regarding the Storm King?  What will become of her relationship with Kiyo?  Will the blurring lines of human and spirit world collide into a full-blown war?

The fourth installment has without a doubt been my absolute favorite one so far.  It was jam-packed with action sequences as well as big plot reveals that sped up the storyline considerably.  Looking back on the first three installments the plot moved at a fair pace that kept the reader interested and engaged, but it’s issue four that kicked the whole story into high gear.  Major secrets are thrown into the mix that come completely out of left field, adding to the suspenseful dynamic of the story.  These secrets really add some depth to Eugenie’s character as well, bringing out sides of her you didn’t know existed.  I was really happy to see Kiyo join us again, as we haven’t seen him since installment one.  He’s a mysterious character that you kind of keep stored in the back of your mind, waiting for his big return.

I was also impressed with the graphics in this installment.  They’ve always seemed well drawn, but for some reason they really stood out this time.  It might have to do with all the fight sequences and the added colors from new characters and places.  The illustrations also seemed clearer, making the story flow more easily from panel to panel.  Whatever the reason, issue four really stood out as the top issue to date.  If you haven’t given the series a try yet, I encourage you to do so.

5 out 5 Stars

Special thanks to Patrick over at Sea Lion Books for giving me an ARC copy to review!

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