Todd’s Review of Ghost Files by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson + GIVEAWAY

Ghost Files: The Collected Cases from Ghost Hunting and Seeking SpiritsAfter being introduced to The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) via Ghost Trackers, I was interested to see the nonfiction side of Jason and Grant as they traveled across New England and beyond in search of anything paranormal.  Consisting of a detailed description of some of their more memorable cases, Jason and Grant have compiled two of their previous books: Ghost Hunting and Seeking Spirits, into one volume, Ghost Files.  Additionally, they’ve also added some personal insights into their own experiences with the paranormal, as well as their takes on what it means to research these perceived hauntings.

Both novels are written in a similar format: descriptions of memorable cases interjected periodically with tips and tricks that Grant and Jason use when they’re on a case, or explanations of various technical portions of their occupation.  At the end of each book, Jason offers a conclusion that recaps his feelings on various hauntings, as well as predictions on the future of TAPS.  At the very end of Ghost Files, Grant and Jason offer a glossary of terms commonly used in the work, as well as a guide to amateur paranormal researchers on the basics of the trade.  As a whole, the work is part documentary, part guidebook, mixing the two together in order to show both the entertaining and scientific sides of paranormal research.  Jason especially places an emphasis of the scientific method in their research, highlighting its importance in what they do.

Ghost Files was both entertaining and enlightening.  It was really interesting to see how much TAPS has grown since its inception, and the length the group will go to find the source of paranormal activity on each case.  The care that they treat the individuals with, even in cases where they are being intentionally mislead (as was the case some times), is admirable and shows Grant and Jason’s dedication.  I especially enjoyed the parts of the book in which they discuss how they approach each case scientifically.  As a scientist myself, I definitely agree that this is the best way to tackle these sorts of phenomena, and it gives them a steady set of data that they can look back on to make observations.  Overall, this dedication, coupled with an entertaining set of some of their best cases, makes this book a fun and quick read.  For anyone new to TAPS, this is a good primer on their organization and it is definitely worth a look!

4 out of 5 Stars

Ghost Files by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson
Gallery Books (2011)
Paperback 560 pages
ISBN: 9781451633108
Special thanks to Melissa over at Gallery books for sending me a copy to review!


One lucky winner will have the opportunity to win a copy of Ghost Files by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.  For your chance to win simply leave a comment in the thread below.  Comments will be accepted through midnight of Tuesday, December 13, 2011.  Winner will be picked at random and announced on Wednesday, December 14, 2011.  Giveaway open to residents of US and Canada only.  Good luck!

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