Check This Out – Cagney Cried

As you all know, I am a HUGE film fan.  I eat, sleep, and breathe films.  I love all genres, most especially indie’s as they are some of the best films out there.  Unfortunately as they typically have limited budgets not everyone ends up hearing about them, leaving some great works unseen.  My reason for bringing all this up is because I have a great little film that I want to get on your radar, Cagney Cried.

It is an independent film about a New York City schlub that moves to L.A to pursue his dream of becoming an actor but winds up in jail.  It’s written by and stars Steven Randazzo.  What makes this project so intriguing to me, and probably other film fans, is the fact that it’s about an actor who wants to get a role playing a modern-day James Cagney.  For those unfamiliar with Cagney, he is one of America’s all time most influential actors.  One of Cagney’s most iconic films, The Public Enemy, is considered one of the most significant gangster movies of the black and white film era.  In essence he was the all-time gangster badass of black and white films, and was kind of a big deal.  Even though the core issues of the film are dealing with people wanting to become stars and following their dreams, it is also a great homage to Cagney.   Anyway enough of my blabbing, go check out the link below to see the Kickstarter page for this film, you won’t be disappointed!

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