Read-A-Thon Hour 5, Mini-Challenge #4!

It’s hour five!!! We’re still plugging along reading, eating lunch, and enjoying some fabulous Crumbs cupcakes that Adam brought with him from NYC!

For the fourth mini-challenge of the day On The Wings of Books asked us to make a book sentence! Using the titles of a minimum of three books we had to create a sentence.  This proved to be rather hard, as we kept needing a book that started with a verb!  Finally after the four of us put our heads together and searched all of my bookcases and book piles we came up with the following sentence:

One Day Targets of Opportunity Nickle and Dimed The Jane Austen Book Club. 

I KNOW! It makes no sense and is pretty funny, but this was allowed and encouraged!

Anyway, picture of our book sentence is below!

So that’s it for now.  We’re going to keep plugging along.  See you in hour 6!

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