Read-A-Thon Hour 6, Mini-Challenge #5

It’s hour 6! Where is the time flying!?  The mini-challenge for hour six is being hosted by Book Journey!  We’re asked to discuss what we serve at a discussion of the book we’re currently reading.  Without further ado here is my menu!

For my dinner party, we will discuss The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides. Considering the fact that the book takes place during college then explores the lives of a group of friends in post grad it would be a two-course meal. Course one will be chock full of the three essential undergraduate food groups; carbs, caffeine and alcohol. Treat your taste buds to some cold pizza and a red bull. For dessert enjoy some luke warm Bud Light served in a classy red solo cup.

Is your stomach hurting yet? No? Then on to course two…

Course two is the post grad dish. There is only one food group in the post grad diet and that is cheap food. Slurp some Raman Noodles out of a coffee mug then enjoy some $4.99 special boxed wine. Student loan invoices can be used as napkins to wipe your mouth or dry your tears…whichever you feel fit.

Too bad I’m not finished with the book. I’m hoping my main character Madeline can enjoy some prime rib and champagne by the end if the story.

See you in hour 7!

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