#47 A Review of Ready For Love (McCarthy’s of Gansett Island #3) by Marie Force

Marie Force is quickly becoming a force (haha) to be reckoned with in the world of indie self publishing.  If you follow her Facebook and Twitter accounts not only will you find one incredibly hard-working individual, but one earning awards left and right for her many works.  I count myself among the lucky to have found her works when doing my weekly scavenge for nook books.  I came across the first book in this series, Maid For Love, and upon finishing it found myself quickly reading all five that are currently published. I felt like I was reading as fast as this man speaks.

Now that our heads are spinning…

In her third installment of the McCarthy’s of Gansett Island series, Ready for Love, Marie Force tells the story of Luke Harris.  Born and raised on the island, Luke had a summer romance with Sydney Donovan, whose wealthy parents had a summer home on the island.  When the summer ended and Sydney was destined for college, the romance ended, as is most often the case.  Fast forward many years later: Luke still lives and works on the island, and Sydney is happily married to another man with two beautiful children.  However, all of this changes when a terrible accident claims the life of Sydney’s husband and children.  Seeking an escape from this terrible loss, Sydney comes back to Gansett Island 15 months later, only to find that Luke is still there and his love for her is as strong as the day they parted so many years ago.  Will they rekindle their love or will Sydney’s pain be so great that she cannot love anyone any more?

I’m writing this review having finished the first five books of the series.  Having read them all I can honestly say that Ready for Love is my second favorite. (Book one, Maid For Love, is the only one beating it!)  Force has an extraordinary ability to create characters that are relatable, charismatic, and have great personalities, which in turn makes readers WANT to care about them.  Her books are filled with a collection of characters that become like a second family the further you get in the series.  For any author to achieve this is a great feat in and of itself, but Force continually does it book after book.  It’s one of the main reasons I keep reading all the books in this series.  I want to meet more of the Gansett Island folks!  Knowing that there are several more books expected for this series makes me SQUEE with joy.

Additionally, another great thing about Force’s writing is that her plots aren’t unrealistic.  In my opinion, Ready For Love’s main theme is that true love waits.  Luke has truly been in love with Sydney since they were teenagers.  They definitely weren’t ready for “the rest of our lives” when they were 17, but the trials that life has put them through in the years since their last meeting have turned them into the people they are today, the people they need to be for their love to last.  Sydney’s plight, albeit a sad one in that she lost her husband and children, teaches her that her life can be redeemed from the depression she’s been beholden to with Luke’s effervescent personality, charm, and sheer confidence in the strength of their love.  It was a touching story from start to finish.  If this is the first review you’re reading for the Gansett Island series, then click back for my reviews of book one and two and give this series a try.

5 out of 5 Stars

Ready for Love by Marie Force
HTJB, Inc (2011)
eBook: 642 Pages
ISBN: 2940012807687

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