The June Round-Up!

Half the year is over! To make my goal of reading 110 books by the end of the year I should have completed 55 books by June 30th.  I can happily say I was finished with 95 books at the end of June!!! WOOT WOOT!  I’m clearly going to make my goal of 110 by the end of July, so upon completion I’ll re-evaluate my goal and up it.

My cousins with my sister and her EPIC hat

This summer has proved to be one of the busiest of my life, and June continued that trend.  The beginning of June was my sister’s bridal shower, (her wedding is the end of July – YAY!) and man was it fun!  My sister BEGGED us to play toilet paper bride at the shower.  If you’re unfamiliar with this game let me enlighten you.  You split up into teams, are given toilet paper and other “accessories”, and must dress one member of your team in a bridal gown of toilet paper.  It is by far one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, and the creations are hysterical.  Two of my mother’s friends must have been dressed in four rolls of toilet paper a piece.  Then of course my cousins made my sister an EPIC hat using all the ribbons from her gifts.  Seriously, the hat was enormous. (Just check out the picture)


The weekend following  Todd and I flew out to Columbus, Ohio for his cousin’s wedding.  This trip marked the farthest west I’ve ever been in the US!  We don’t get to see Todd’s extended family much since the majority of them are in Ohio, so not only was it great being there for the wedding, but it was wonderful visiting with Todd’s family.

Our Relay For Life event took over our lives for the third and fourth weeks of June.  The event went off WONDERFULLY and we’ve raised over $100,000 to-date!  I met my personal goal of raising $1,000 and was SO damn happy!  We had beautiful weather and the event was just perfect.  It was unfortunately my last year as an event chair (as I’ve been a chair for three years) and I couldn’t have asked for it go any better than it did.

Probably my favorite event of the whole month was last weekend when I got to meet ROBERT GOOLRICK!!  If you don’t know who he is then you’ve been living under a rock!  Robert wrote A Reliable Wife and just came out with his newest novel, Heading Out To Wonderful.  My favorite bookstore R.J. Julia hosted an evening with him in their bookstore and honestly I’ve never looked forward to something more than this!  He was absolutely hysterical and I was mesmerized as he read two chapters from Heading Out To Wonderful.  Being able to chat with him later on as he signed my books was heavenly.  AH. I’m still in disbelief that I got to meet him!

Anyway, enough about what I did. What did I read!?! I finished 12 books this month and The Siren by Tiffany Reisz was HANDS DOWN my favorite of the month.  I keep telling people that it’s 1,000 times better than the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and that they should read it instead! The Maid of Fairbourne Hall by Julie Klassen came in at a close second! I kept it eclectic for June – erotica, historical fiction, Jane Austen fan fiction, etc.  Someone needs to give me a romance novel intervention.  I literally can’t get enough. HELP.

Alright folks, enough of my rambling.  What have been some of your favorite author meetings? Who do you want to meet?  What did you read this month?  Any good books you want me to add to my list?

As always…..happy reading!

6 thoughts on “The June Round-Up!

  1. I wish I could set a humungous goal like that and I should! Hubby and I live in a studio…cute, quaint and perfectly downsized for our retirement years. But where do I get to read??? Closet has no door, the TV is on most of the time. The bathroom is smaller than a phone booth. Oh, the patio is available if not raining or too cold. So late nights when I am not blogging or writing and falling asleep. So how many can I read in the remainder of the year? How many pages is your average book? I really need to focus on more reading to better my skill to be a writer. Help is appreciated, thanks Kimberly.

    • I’m able to read a lot because of how fast I can read. (Typically 100 pages an hour) I’m able to read fast, simply because I’ve trained myself too. What I mean is that I’ve always set aside time each day to read at least 30 pages. I noticed at first it took me a while to get through those pages. The more I read 30 pages a day the more I found those 30 pages were turning into 40, 50, 60, 70 pages. Finding the time to read when there are so many other distractions is definitely a struggle sometimes. To cut it from being a struggle my husband and I have D.E.A.R time each day. (D.E.A.R = Drop everything and read) 30 minutes a day that we dedicate to reading. Some days we stick with just the 30 minutes, other days we get into our books so much that we continue reading for an hour or two. When you make reading a part of your daily schedule your reading pace will quicken, allowing you to complete more and more books.

      Set yourself up with a simple goal. 12 books a year. 1 a month. When you complete your goal you’ll feel amazing, which will just increase your motivation to keep reading.

      I’d also give you one other tip – if you find it difficult to sit and read for periods of time, maybe try audio books. I’ll listen to them when I’m driving or cleaning the house and find that before I know it I’ve finished 8 chapters of a book all while folding the laundry!

      Good luck and keep me posted on your progress!!

  2. Congratulated! I would like to read more, but I find it difficult to find time. When do you read? Do you have a strict time schedule, do you read before going to bed, or do you have some else schedule?

    • I set time aside each day to read. (D.E.A.R time = Drop everything and read) I definitely stick to that everyday no matter what I have to do. I’ll prioritize that no matter what else I have going on. Sticking with reading each day helps me increase my reading speed which in turn helps me complete so many books. I’ll read everywhere and anywhere. If my husband is working late, I’ll read while eating dinner. I read in the morning when I wake up, at night before I go to sleep. I’ll listen to audio books while I fold laundry, on my commute to and from work etc etc. There is a form of reading that can fit into just about anywhere in your schedule.

      Good luck with your reading. You can do it!!!

  3. I’m absolutely astounded at the volume you are able to read! I’ve been really slacking with reading recreationally over the years I’ve been in college -being an English major kind of kills your free time opportunities to do so.

    Anyway, I’m getting ready for another semester, and I asked my teachers for my assignments to get started early. Wouldn’t you know that finding five books to incorporate in my classroom, review and teach is one of the big requirements? I thought, “ouch” and then realized that I am seriously putting priorities out of whack. As an English teacher to-be, I’m suppose to be literature’s number one ally! How did this happen? I don’t know – but must fix it.

    With the aspiration of writing novels, I better start reading more. What kind of hypocrisy is writing without reading? Outside of Chuck Palahniuk, I haven’t read a thing since at least four years ago that was not listed on a syllabus somewhere. That’s when I picked up a copy of _The Secret Life of Bees_, and refused to get up from the couch until I’d finished. Then I wrote a review for class and realized how much fun it was to slip away into those alternate, but very real, universes by way of reading.

    So that’s why I’m back and blogging – to get back in the groove of writing more, reading more, and finding time in every day to do this for my own intrinsic benefit. I keep slacking on a portfolio, so instead, I started WordPress and ended up here. Your goal, and complete success thus far, is motivating! It’s a pleasure perusing some of your recent reads and reviews. Thanks for showing
    me it can, in fact, be done.

    • That’s one of the MAJOR reasons I started reading so much. After graduating college I felt like a major slacker – my job wasn’t challenging me intellectually and I was disappointed that I’d gone from reading so much to nothing. Reading and blogging about books became basically the perfect solution.

      I know how hard it can be to find time to read the things you want when you’re in college. It honestly became draining to read anything besides what I was required. Reading requirements (in both college and high school) took me away from wanting to read for pleasure for a long time.

      Congratulations on getting back into the grove of things. You sound like a dedicated book lover – just knowing that about you, well I have faith that you’ll find the time to get back to books somehow. Don’t get discouraged. The time to read for pleasure will appear when you stop looking for it.

      Good luck and keep in touch. I’d love to hear how you’re progressing!

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