#78 A Review of Jane Vows Vengeance (Jane Fairfax #3) by Michael Thomas Ford

Of all the Austen-inspired variations, making Jane Austen a vampire is definitely one of the more interesting and funny takes on this genre.  In book one, Jane Bites Back, she struggled with getting a book published, something you’d think Jane Austen wouldn’t have trouble with!  Book two, Jane Goes Batty, finds Jane struggling with love, life, and vampire hunters.  Throw into this mix evil Charlotte Brontë, overly flirtatious Lord Byron, and a whole slew of other eccentric characters, and it’s no wonder that Michael Thomas Ford is now coming out with book three, Jane Vows Vengeance.

Already deep in wedding preparations, Jane has to find a way to tell her fiancé, Walter, that she hasn’t been entirely truthful to him.  Not only is she a vampire, but she is the famous Jane Austen!  Alas, all these revelations have to wait as Walter cuts her thoughts short in suggesting that they elope  and go on a house tour of Europe after the wedding.  Jane readily accepts, eager to escape the clutches of Lord Byron and her old nemesis Charlotte Brontë.  Of course, nothing goes as planned on their trip, and Jane faces even more of a challenge than she did in the first two installments.  However, the one light at the end of the tunnel is a mysterious device that supposedly returns human souls to vampires.  Jane hears of this while in Europe, and can’t believe that she may actually be able to become human again!  Will she be able to juggle all of this before a vampire hunter finds her trail?  What will happen between Jane and Walter?

Ford’s signature snarky-ness is what makes the Jane Fairfax series so much fun and why I keep picking them up to read!  The saga of Jane Austen as a vampire is both creative and inventive.  I honestly cannot get enough of Lord Byron and his “vampire teachings.”  Walter’s mother Miriam, a famed vampire hunter, is a wonderful “villain” and is responsible for much of the humor found in the novel.

The storyline about Crispin’s Needle was an interesting twist that has helped create a seed for another sequel.  The story moved at a fairly fast pace, and kept me entertained throughout.  I’m excited to see what Ford comes up with next, and what he has in store for Jane, Walter, and crew.  Pick this one up if you’re a fan of the paranormal, or if you’re just in the mood for an Agatha Christie style mystery.

4 out of 5 Stars

Jane Vows Vengeance by Michael Thomas Ford
Random House (2012)
Paperback: 288 pages
ISBN: 9780345513670

6 thoughts on “#78 A Review of Jane Vows Vengeance (Jane Fairfax #3) by Michael Thomas Ford

  1. What do you mean: “she struggled with getting a book published, something you’d think Jane Austen wouldn’t have trouble with!” Haven’t you read up on Jane Austen? But thanks for the review, it saves me waisting time on these books.

    • With the books taking place in modern time and Austen considered a literary great you’d think that someone would recognize her writing style and not reject her manuscript! That’s the joke of the first book. She owns a bookstore and sees her classic books selling like crazy. So when her manuscript is rejected time and time again she wonders how no one sees her talent.

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