Check This Out – Kickstarter Funds Free Book

Say you have a great idea, but no way to finance it.  In this tough economic climate, this can often be the reality.  Now, with the advent of Kickstarter, many people have turned great ideas or fledgling businesses into great and prosperous projects with the help of crowdsourced funds.  Melanie Steele was one such person, with a great (and true) story about her struggles in America as a newlywed from Canada in 13 Years in America.  Steele came to America in 1998, newly married and unabashedly optimistic.  Her work details her 13 year struggle with the American dream, and how she’s chased it through high and low points.

Wanting to share her work for free, Steele immediately posted her project on Kickstarter after finishing the book.  She quickly raised the funds necessary (plus some more!) to translate her Microsoft Word document into several different forms that could be easily downloaded and shared for free.  Steele used the excess funds raised to help pay for her website, and provided small incentive rewards for those who donated.  In all, it’s a great representation of what Kickstarter is and how it can be used to promote innovative and exciting projects.

To visit Steele’s site and read her book for free, click here.

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