Read-A-Thon Hour 3

Howdy everyone and welcome to hour 3 of the Read-A-Thon!  The mini challenge for this hour involves food, and of course I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this to share with everyone the snack(s) we’ll be having for the challenge.  Fortunately for us, Adam has brought some delicious cupcakes from the Buttercup Bake Shop!  They look amazing, and I can’t wait to try some.

As for the reading front, Kim is going strong and just finished Shout Her Lovely Name by Natalie Serber.  Great job!  I’m roughly 3/4 of the way through Hope by Victoria Ferrante.  Also, we’re trying to ward off a chill with blankets (Kim is covered up) as it was 29 degrees this morning!  How are things going with you?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

3 thoughts on “Read-A-Thon Hour 3

  1. Those cupcakes look so good!! I’m reading a book by Christopher Farnsworth called Red, White, and Blood (his third book in the series). It’s Fiction/ Fantasy. Really good read about a vampire who has a blood oath to protect the President…kind of like a special secret service agent. I’m not big on vampire books as they became overrated since Twilight, but this one is actually a really good book. It isn’t a typical vampire book, so I would recommend it to anyone who likes Mystery or Fiction.

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