Read-A-Thon Hour 4

The mini-challenge for this hour is AWESOME and felt the need to share it and my response to it. A Literary Odyssey posed the following question: What classic book should ALL high school aged students read and why?  Here’s my response:

A classic book that should be read by all high school aged students? Oh man. There are so many! I’m partial to saying Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre because they are my favorite books, but when I think of being a teenager and that awkward phase of your life, I don’t see much being gained from reading about Elizabeth, Darcy, Jane, or Mr. Rochester.

Being a teenager is an awkward time in your life, yeah? So shouldn’t we be giving HS students a book you can relate to AND learn from? For that reason I’m going with The Diary of Anne Frank.

Why you ask? Well first, I think it’s obvious we can learn about life during WWII and what it was like to be living through it from Anne’s diary. The more important thing I think we learn is that even though being a teenager is tough and awkward and a war could be going on around you we’re all the same. We all have crushes (Anne discusses her crush on the other teen in hiding with her, Peter), we all have stressful times with our parents, and we’re all confused about what the future of our lives will hold.

I think these are valid things to point out to teens in a world where we depend less on the physical relationships around us and more on our digital ones.

This question really got me thinking! What would your response be?

3 thoughts on “Read-A-Thon Hour 4

  1. As a high school English teacher who has taught everything from ESL to AP I agree with you. It is the rare student who plans on majoring in English, so kids tend to resent the classics when they are assigned. Students relate to non-fiction and they will actually read it. About two years after graduation from H.S., I receive messages from former students who are just now able to appreciate a classic novel that they recently rediscovered.

  2. It’s a personal choice. As a teenager I read classics as Pride and Prejudice, Mark Twain and many other books. It’s what your open to. I didn’t read Anne Frank because I am well known with Dutch history. I find it despicable they market their own grief and history through Anne Franks diary but their own colony background and slavery ownership is never mentioned in one history book. They rewrite history to their own advantage

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