Adam’s Review of Deal With The Devil (Part II) by J. Gunnar Grey

A few months ago I had the pleasure of reading Deal With The Devil Part I by J. Gunnar Grey. (My review is here)  I became quickly enveloped in the story and was desperate to read part II after the cliffhanger ending in part I.  Life intervened unfortunately, and it wasn’t until recently that I was able to read part II and finally find out what happened to Major Faust, Major Stoner, Jennifer, and the rest of the cast!  (As a side note: the book is being sold as one novel now, so you won’t have to wait on pins and needles like I did to find out what happened!)  In part 2 there are even more twists and turns making for an even more epic conclusion to this tale of allegiance and backstabbing.

Leaving off directly where the first book ends, the story picks up with Major Faust, a German officer, and Major Stoner, a retired British officer, still at odds with each other and unsure of where the other truly stands. There is one thing Major Faust is sure of, however, and that is his growing feelings for Jennifer, Major Stoner’s granddaughter. Through the course of the novel their relationship grows, but at what cost? There are still some questions of motive on both sides, and some uncertainty between all of the parties involved. Through all this is a carefully crafted mystery that leaves the reader wanting more.

I really enjoyed part two almost as much as part one. The story picked up right from the start and I couldn’t stop reading (a real amazement if you know me). I was interested to see how the characters’ stories would end and couldn’t put the book down. I thought J. Gunnar Grey was really good at was not only developing the characters and making them interesting for the reader, but also making the setting seem more accessible. By writing lots of little details about the setting, I felt more like a fly on a wall rather than a reader. Grey makes the story come to life and makes the action jump right off the page. At times I felt like I could see pictures of the scenes; I had such a vision of the characters and of the setting  because I knew all the small little details.  I was able to enjoy the story that much more because of my ability to visualize the action.

One small note I have, and this is all my fault due to the fact that I read part 1 and part 2 so far apart, is that the two pieces are just a continuation of one another.  I read them five months apart, and I found myself constantly going back and forth from the first one, (which I smartly saved) and the second one to remind myself of the characters and of their background. One day soon, I will read this all as one novel and I think it would help me understand the flow of the story more. This comment has nothing to do with the writing style of the author, but because of my own stupidity to read them far apart and not closer together.

All and all I enjoyed reading the conclusion to J. Gunnar Grey’s story Deal with the Devil. I look forward to re-reading it as one full novel in the near future because I think by doing that will only enhance the story and allow me to enjoy it better. Still I have to give it a perfect score because a good story is a good story regardless of your own mistakes.

5 out of 5 Stars

Deal With The Devil by J. Gunnar Grey
Astraea Press (2011)
eBook: 286 pages
ISBN: 2940012608321

Special thanks to Astraea Press for my review copy!

3 thoughts on “Adam’s Review of Deal With The Devil (Part II) by J. Gunnar Grey

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  2. great review, Adam. I was fortunate enough to get both parts together and read them as one whole. I thought it was a terrific story. I love WW2 fiction anyhow.

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