Living With a Book Addict: Attending a Book Signing

20130218_182027Yes, I’m back.  I know it’s been only month since my last “Living With a Book Addict” installment, but I’ve just recently attended a book signing with Kim and I thought it would be pertinent to fill you all in on how it went and what my experience was like.  I try to keep these posts lighthearted and quasi-comical, and I’ll continue in that vein today but I also want to comment later on the coolness factor of book signings as well.  So, here’s a brief synopsis:

The always-awesome R.J. Julia in Madison, CT was hosting the last leg of the Breathless Reads Tour held by Penguin (the publisher, not the animal).  After this stop, the group was heading up to Canada, I believe, to finish up the tour.  We had the pleasure of meeting five authors, who were as follows: Fiona Paul (Venom), Morgan Rhodes (Falling Kingdoms), Elizabeth Richards (Black City), Jessica Spotswood (Born Wicked), and finally Beth Revis with Shades of Earth, which both Kim and Sam reviewed here.  The authors read passages from their works, took questions from the moderator and audience, and singed copies at the conclusion of the event.

I’ll be honest, as all of these books were classified as young adult books, I was fairly certain that I would be the oldest person there besides the authors.  I did perhaps hold out hope that I could pass as one of their fathers or family members to better hide amongst the crowd.  However, this was not necessary as not only was I not the oldest there, but there was one other guy there as well!  He too had a significant other with him, so I’m not sure if he was a voluntary attendee, but he did ask a question and seemed to be enjoying himself.  All joking aside, I had a lot of fun learning from all the authors and seeing how their creative processes differed from each other.  It was enlightening to hear about works that inspired them to become writers themselves, and learn more about what they intend on writing in the future.  I even got my very own copy of Falling Kingdoms signed!  I shall read it with pride.

So, to conclude, I’m definitely glad that Kim found out about this book signing.  It’s great to know the “behind the scenes” of a particular work, and it was great to meet all of the authors that came out for the tour.  Look out for my review of Falling Kingdoms in the future!  Have you been to a book signing before?  What was it like?  Let me know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Living With a Book Addict: Attending a Book Signing

  1. I attended a writing confernece last fall and one night was a book sale and authors there to sign books. I had one of my boom by Diana Gabaldon signed and my picture taken with her. It was awesome 🙂

  2. I went to a book signing when I was little. My mom took me to get a picture book signed and the illustrator drew a picture of a fish in it. But we don’t get many authors through here, so that’s the only one I’ve been to.

  3. i must say you have a pretty awesome blog here. I get bored easy so this helps me keep my mind occupied thanks for enlightening me. Keep up the good work. I always had a passion for this, but never had any spare time to do what you do.

  4. I’ve never been to a book signing.. I think it would be very cool though! When I was 5 my mom came back from New York City with a book signed from a real princess. I was thrilled!! I should look into when some book signing events are going around in my area though…

  5. I’ve been to one book signing but it was only to get the book signed for my Mum as a surprise. She was unable to attend due to work but as I was a student at the time I had a lot more free time.

    While it was fun and spoke to a lot of the people waiting it was more like a conveyor belt experience, with about 30 seconds with the author. I think it would be much cooler to hear a QandA session.

  6. Hey! Kim just helped me fix a GR thing. I didn’t know you guys were at RJ. That question about judging books made me think so much that I ended up writing a long blog post about it. Thanks for coming out to see us 🙂

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