What Are You Reading This March?

March has turned out to be a stellar reading month.  11 books completed for the month so far with no signs of slowing down!  I’ve been on a major time travel kick this year, having already completed 7 time-traveling books this year.  My new time travel obsession is a trilogy called the Ruby Red trilogy (or the Edelstein Trilogie as it’s called in its native Germany). So far only two of the three books by Kerstin Gier have been released in the US, with the third (Emerald Green) due out in October.  I highly recommend you check this series out ASAP. SO GOOD. And the covers are beautiful to boot!

Anyway enough about my recent time travel obsession and on to what I’m reading!  I’m hoping to get through Philippa Gregory’s The Kingmaker’s Daughter, Elizabeth Hoyt’s Lord of Darkness, and a biography on Jane Austen by Paula Byrne entitled The Real Jane Austen: A Life in Small Things. Now it’s your turn! Tell me what’s currently got you hooked in the comments section below!


15 thoughts on “What Are You Reading This March?

  1. I’ve read Lolita, Next Episode and Roxana this month so far…I’m working on finishing Autobiography of Red and start J.K. Rowlings new novel as well as a couple other books sitting on my bookshelf calling to me. Looks like you’ve been doing fantastic this month though! Congrats and keep up the good work!

  2. I will have to pick up a copy of The Real Jane Austen! I am currently reading 2 young adult books Spellcaster by Claudia Grey and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins both so far I am enjoying. 11 books you are good!

  3. I’m currently working my way through a non-fiction about a nightclub fire and I’ve just started A Tale of Two Cities. I’m in need of something lighter, these are killing me!

  4. I’ve not read much thus far – though that could be because I’m currently on 3 at once, 2 of which are long/slow going (for me). I have read and LOVED The Night Circus, and am currently on The Street Sweeper.
    You’re going well with 11 down so far!

  5. So far this month I started with a bit of sci-fi romance reading Finders Keepers by Linnea Sinclair and Prophesied by Liz Craven. Stopped through contemporary for Breakfast at Darcy’s by Ali McNamara. Now I’m firmly back in historical romance for My Irresistible Earl by Gaelen Foley and next Thunder and Roses by Mary Jo Putney. Hopefully I’ll get out of romance and read Starship Troopers this month as well.

  6. Since I am in graduate school, I decided to take a Texas literature course. It rocks! I just finished reading “Terms of Endearment” by Larry McMurtry. I watched the movie years ago before reading the book.The book is so much better!

  7. I’m just reading my third book of part 5 on the Warriors Cat Series, I know I know I’m an adult reading kids books, but I just love these. I’m also reading on Aquarium Care of different types of fish. I also found that at my local thrift store I can get a lot of books i wanted to read for way less than what they cost out on the book stores, so this means my book list will row even more. I think my favorite old book like the ones you mentioned is Charlotte Bronte’s Jayne Eyre, but from the ones you mentioned above I might look into reading Jane Austen’s biography book it look interesting.

  8. I have been reading “One Day” by David Nicholls. I have been re-reading a lot of books, such as “206 Bones” and “Flash and Bones” by Kathy Reichs.

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