Sam’s Review of Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason

tgfEvery day our lives intersect with those of countless others. There’s the lady on-line at the grocery store, the parent of another child at the school pick-up line, the man who bumps into you as he hurries up the street. Most of these people are and remain strangers. Some we exchange pleasantries with, then part ways. Rarely, a few become lasting fixtures in our lives. They might turn out to be lovers, confidantes, life-long friends. But, what happens when one of these chance meetings turns into something we regret, leaving us wishing we’d never even met in the first place?

Such an encounter serves as a catalyst for the action in Jamie Mason’s Three Graves Full. Jason Getty meets a stranger one day by chance at the gas station. In an effort to spread a little good karma Jason offers to fill his tank with gas. A relationship that starts out interesting and amicable soon turns sinister when the man drives Jason to commit a crime he never thought himself capable of: murder.

Scared of what he has done, Jason quickly buries the body in his yard where he hopes it will never be found. Jason then slowly starts to put back the pieces of his life to try to move on. Over a year has gone by since the murder when Jason finally feels comfortable having some landscaping done on his property. He carefully watches the workers to make sure they maintain a distance from the dark secret that lurks just beyond the edge of the yard. To Jason’s shock, the workers uncover something…a human skeleton! Sure that his secret has been discovered, Jason follows the men out the yard to have a look. What he sees there is indeed a human skeleton, but not the one he buried in the yard! What’s more, a second body is discovered.

As police are called to the scene to investigate the bodies, Jason begins to unravel. The investigation persists and the reader is introduced to a lively cast of characters, each connected in some way to Jason and the bodies in his yard.

This book made me reflect a lot on our relationships with other people. How well can you really know someone? How much influence do we have over the actions of others? At what point does a person break and become something or someone they never dreamed possible?

Three Graves Full is an exciting mystery thriller that kept me guessing with each turn. Mason does a fantastic job creating characters that leap off of the page and keep you wanting to read just five more pages. I really enjoyed the well-balanced combination of his detailed writing style and fast-moving plot. Infused with tensity and dark humor, this is a book that simply can’t be missed!

4 out of 5 Stars

Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason
Gallery Books (2013)
Hardcover: 320 pages
ISBN: 9781451685039

Special thanks to Gallery Books for my review copy!

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