The May Roundup!

20130512_115645May was a month of big accomplishments here in the Ryder household.  Staffer Todd (also known as my darling husband) received his Master’s degree in molecular and cell biology from Quinnipiac University (our undergraduate alma mater).  Not only did he earn that, but he defended his thesis which delved into how carbon dioxide affects cells (that’s the super simple explanation).  Todd’s graduation wasn’t the only one our family witnessed this month.  My sister-in-law Ellen also received her Master’s degree from Lehigh University in secondary education, specializing in math.  And thirdly my brother-in-law Jason completed his MD/Ph.D. program at NYU!  (So many smarties!)

IMG_20130520_181607Besides graduations, we also had a month filled with other fun trips and events.  As you may or may not know, I’m OBSESSED with the Fast and the Furious franchise.  After reading about an opportunity to see the newest installment, Fast and Furious 6, at an advance screening, I immediately signed up.  It was awesome, as well as free!  The following weekend, Todd and I traveled down to Staten Island to visit my Aunt Judy.  After many many days and weeks of cleaning and various workers coming to her basement to rebuild it after Hurricane Sandy, we were able to put on the finishing touches!  We helped install a few small items, as well as two in-ceiling speakers (I learned how to wield a drywall saw!)

20130525_153055Finally, we took a trip into the city to visit Todd’s aunt, uncle, and little cousin Sarah at the Natural History Museum!  We had a great time exploring all the exhibits with Sarah and checking out the new additions to the museum since our last visit a couple of years ago.  After this, we found a great little Mexican restaurant near the museum, and sat down for some dinner and margaritas (and lemonade for Sarah).  In all, it was a ton of fun and something we can’t wait to do more often as we don’t get to see Todd’s extended family too often.

On the reading front I read another 23 books, bringing my year-to-date total to 93.  It’s difficult to pick my favorite book of the month (since I read so many good ones), but if I had to pick I’d nominate The Secret of Ella and Micha and The Forever of Ella and Micha both written by Jessica Sorensen.

On the radar for June are some more new adult books I’ve been reading, as well as some historical fiction, paranormal, and action books.  June should be a diverse reviewing month!  Todd’s got a few fun things up his sleeve too, so keep an eye out!

So, there you have it, another exciting month behind the scenes here at Reflections.  What did you do during May?

As always, happy reading!

8 thoughts on “The May Roundup!

  1. Uhhh…I read aproximately 2 books…traveled exactly nowhere…and saw no one (blood relative or not) graduate with an impressively high degree. You’re a tough act to follow, Kim. I did, however, sing in 3 choir concerts and at a Memorial Day program. I also auditioned and hired 2 narrators to produce 3 of my books in audio, proof-listening to the finished products. So, I guess I had a full month. 😉

      • Cool! If proof-listening counts, then we can add THE DARCYS OF PEMBERLEY ( x 2) and MR COLLINS’S LAST SUPPER ( X 2). That increases my total quite a bit! Now I’ve done RETURN TO LONGBOURN once with once more to go!

        Wish I had more time to write/paint so I could get that next book ready for you, Kim. I’m doing my best! 🙂

  2. I cant believe you managed to read so many books whilst being so busy! Congrats to all for the graduations etc.

    I made several discoveries in May: which allows you to request the ebook format from publishers. Of course I immediately went into glut mode, and requested over 30 books! I’ve read about 8 books so far, and reviewed them, and have had to stop myself requesting more until I clear some of the backlog.

    I have also decided to join some groups on Goodreads, and have found one called “Making Connections”. I have already received an ebook from an author called Dale Mayer, and that’s the next book on the list to read. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some additional connections (haha!) to allow me to promote new books to more people

    • I LOVE Netgalley & Goodreads! I’ve started using Netgalley a lot more recently and am really enjoying the books that have been posted up there.

      Goodreads is such a fantastic place to meet people. I have met so many fellow readers there and found out about so many great books. Enjoy your time on there!!

  3. my May was full of work work work… got good appreciation from my Seniors for my focus towards work …. and i am happy as well as sad… Happy because my career is going on a perfect track…and sad because i am unable to pen down some thoughts in my blog.

    • Work can be a total downer sometimes. That’s probably why I read so much. Reading is just a massive escape for me.

      I’m sorry that you’re not finding as much time to blog as you’d like. It is definitely difficult to balance work and blogging. I come home sometimes and just feel blah and wind up not writing anything. I wish there was an easy button for blogging sometimes….ha!

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