What Are You Reading This June?

What are you reading this month?!  I’ve been on a decidedly contemporary romance kick recently (although I’ve sprinkled a little bit of dystopic and paranormal books in the mix also.)  I’m planning on finishing the month out with historical fiction novels.  Specifically, The Lavender Garden by Lucinda Riley, The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway, and When They Fall in Love by Mary Lydon Simonsen!

Ok, folks! Spill the beans on your current reads below!


22 thoughts on “What Are You Reading This June?

  1. Reading my usual historical fiction. I’m catching up on a book that’s been in my review pile for too long, The Raven’s Seal. I kept avoiding getting to it, but now that I’ve started it I’m enjoying it. An imaginary city, but real history, more or less, I gather.

  2. I’ve been really wanting to read mysteries this month. I just finished Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie (which was amazeballs) and now I’m reading Hell is Empty by Craig Johnson. The romances haven’t been as successful. I dnf’d most of them except for The Sheik, and I still think that one was pretty awful.

  3. I just started reading Khaled Hosseini’s And the Mountains Echoed. Very engaging so far, I’ve been anticipating this one since I last finished A Thousand Splendid Suns; he has a very unique style of story telling.

  4. I started ‘Wolf Hall’ by Hilary Mantel this month, think it might take me the rest of the month to finish it!

  5. I have just begun to read The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I enjoyed the movie and also had the opportunity to listen to the author at a session at the Jaipur Literature Festival and acquired an autographed copy. But the book got lost on my shelf and I only got to it while I was desperately looking for something to read when my Kindle packed up. It’s going to be a fun read, I can guess.

  6. I’m currently reading historical fiction – ‘The Alchemist of Souls’ by Anne Lyle, a historical fantasy set in Elizabethan England and ‘The Red Queen’ about Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII. Bit of a Tudor theme going on at the moment! Both are fab reads.

  7. I have just finished Monique Roffey’s book Woman on a Green Bicycle. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it primarily because it wasn’t just a love story about George and Sabine. It was also about their life as europeans in Trinidad in the 1960’s, together with a good insight into the politics of Trinidad at that time, and how they affected the lives of the european residents. I couldn’t put it down!

  8. Am into memoirs this June. I’ve just finished ‘My Love, My Life, My Destiny,’ by Beatrice Akpu Eleje. That was my second time of reading it. Reading that book I never knew whether I was reading fact or fiction. It was so captivating. I’ve started on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ‘Living History.’ The lady interests me. That will be followed by Chinua Achebe’s ‘There Was A Country: A Personal History of Biafra.’ After Achebe I’ll re-read Mandela’s, Long Walk to Freedom. I use them to relax my brain at the close of a day’s job while researching the second volume of my debut historical novel, Omezue, the Complete Achiever, Volume One of the Victims Series.

  9. I’ve been reading a lot of Crime, I’ve just finished Cold Granite by Stuart MacBride. I’m waiting on the 2nd book of the series from Amazon so I’m currently reading The Wasp Factory.

  10. Convalescing and went to the bookshelf to find something easy, soothing, something familiar. Picked up Grisham, I’d forgotten what a good plotter he is. Finished The Pelican Brief and The Brethren, now on The Summons. He’s been off my radar and I assumed he’d gone away to enjoy his royalties, but there’s a new book out in October.

  11. I’ve been reading “Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo (I’m french and I still haven’t seen the movie yet) and also “What Money can’t buy” by Michael Sandel, so not much fiction for me at the moment !

  12. I am reading easy “feel good” fiction so far this summer. (The Debbie Maccomber Cedar Cove series) Did anyone see that Vince Flynn died today? I loved his Mitch Rapp series. So sad.

  13. So far I’ve read the Desolation series by Ali Cross, and 2 of the Michael Sykora novels by Darcia Helle. I’m currently reading Eden Forest by Aoife Marie Sheridan, and will probably finish June with Lightpoints by Peter Kassan.

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