Living With a Book Addict: Moving With a Book Addict


The beginning of book packing!

For those of you that don’t know, due to my recent job change Kim and I moved to North Brunswick, NJ from our apartment in Hamden, CT.  Of course, with this move came all the fun of packing our apartment.  Fortunately we had a professional moving service take care of the larger items for us.  Unsurprisingly, we all know that our most prized possessions (books) were the first things packed.

One important fact to consider about books is that they are relatively heavy for their size.  Pack a standard cardboard box full of books and it’s going to weigh a lot.  At first, moving these boxes around the apartment wasn’t too cumbersome, but after the tenth box was packed and moved, I seriously considered digitizing everything and putting it all on Kim’s Nook (just kidding, she’d never allow that).  Finally, after everything was packed and labeled, we had around 27 boxes chock full of literature!  I know it seems like a lot, but in all honestly we had a good amount of giveaways and donations leading up to the move, so we were able to pare down the collection a bit.  I’m sure the Hamden Public Library was pretty sick of me coming by with bags after a while!

Another thing to consider is the bookcases!  Once we finally moved in, we had a lot more wall space, which you may think equals more bookcases.  So far, we only have one more, but that doesn’t mean that this place won’t look like a library some time soon.  So, after one trip to Ikea to replace one of the broken bookcases, we are officially back in business!  Also, now that we’ve made room in our collection, we now have more room than before to fill out the shelves with new books.  So, let us know below if you’ve had to move your own book collections.  Was it painless or did you collapse among an avalanche of paper?

Happy reading!

26 thoughts on “Living With a Book Addict: Moving With a Book Addict

  1. I live with my friends and we had to move about 1,5 years ago. while they had a lot of bags of shoes and clothes, all i had was a lot of boxes full of books so heavy that i needed help.
    I didn’t have and still don’t have space like you do, but i’m happy with my books so close in my room.

    Love your blog.

  2. Yes, i had faced the same problem while moving books from one city to another. I moved to Kindle a couple of years ago. in hindsight, it was one of the best decisions i ever made related to reading and books.

  3. Oh yes, I suffered a lot of grief from my husband and sons about my book collection! I didn’t get rid of many of my reading books, but I did sacrifice almost half of my school books (for homeschooling). I will admit they were books that I really didn’t need anymore. I just love to keep books! 🙂 –you never know when you might need them! 😉

  4. Where I live we have no professional moving services. Therefore, packing my books in plastic bags and sacks was a terrible pain. Especially since most of them are used paperbacks, I was worried the covers might come off. First I had to pile books of the same size (width and length) together. I don’t even know how many of these I got. I keep giving away, yet they grow in number like the more love you give away the more love you receive. And then there are the Norten anthologies of American Literature, British Literature and World Literature. Each of these in two volumes and each volumes over 2,600 pages. Telling you how heavy each is like teaching Dickens how to write a paragraph. Because of my books, I am scared of moving.

  5. I did it. Terrible from a weight point of view. Though, putting them in a new order in a new library was so beautiful, that I forgot the stress. And it was the first thing I did in my new flat. Before my clothes!

  6. I had to get rid of most of my book collection (I’d been accumilating books since I was five years old) when I moved up to university, as most of it wouldn’t fit in my in-law’s car…

  7. I love how you think: getting rid of books makes room for MORE books. Our collections have traveled from NY to CT to FL and now to PA. Some things I can never give up, but others I have realized are just not holding up well enough to move again.So I guess we’re not moving anytime soon! Glad you guys are all settled in 🙂

  8. Oh, god, I can’t imagine moving with all the books I have. And then to have to make sure they’re kept according to the systems I have? *shudders*

    That said, I see some really great books in your collection! 😀

  9. Jeepers! I’ve moved twice with my book collection. The first time I took out over a hundred books, pairing them down to the stuff I HAD TO HAVE (which would have been all of them). Recently I had to break down my collection again to make room for an ex (who the day after I did this broke up with me). I managed to get them on one shelf, with the bottom shelf piled four deep laying horizontally.
    I love the picture. We have some of the same books 🙂 Bookworms unite!
    Good Luck!

  10. That sounds lovely! So many books! Most of my, or many of my, books are in storage at my mom’s house because my husband and I move all the time. I lost 2-3 big boxes of books through the USPS when we got married, and cried for days!

  11. Moving can be a difficult matter, but I am never tired of handle my books. Sometimes I pull them out of the bookcases just to put them away in a different order. The only time I had to move was when I went to University but I couldn’t bring all my books with me and it was painfull to choose only a few selected volumes! Obviously my Jane Austen collection was among them…

    • I feel you! When I moved from Beijing to Abu Dhabi, I was forced to leave behind 8 boxes of books that I accumulated over the past few years. It was like giving up a pet! There was no way I could afford to airlift them. Now I have a kindle, even though I’ve been fighting against digitizing my books for forever. At least now I’ll never have to leave them behind again.

  12. Paperbacks are a blessing, but hardcovers make the move more difficult. (The weight is ridiculous when you’re transporting Stephen King, BTW.) I always worry about covers getting torn and ruined, and I’m never fully relaxed until they’re all back in their proper place: on a big, beautiful, sturdy bookshelf! Congratulations on your move, and I hope everything falls right back into place.

  13. Oh, that’s up ahead for me and my new husband, both of us writers and readers, in the next few months. I can’t wait to marry our libraries! With books, you know where you are. You either want to keep them or you don’t. Now with clothes, it’s trickier. What’s not fashionable now might work in a year’s time so should one hold onto it or not..? With books, there’s a clear yes pile and a no pile.

  14. I’ve moved twice this year. The 1st time I just stacked all the boxes of books in a corner. So this time I can’t wait to unpack all the books. And my youngest brother said that he’s never helping me move books again.

  15. After my mom passed away, my dad and I slowly went through her things and decided what we were keeping, what we were donating, and what we were tossing. The books were the hardest things to sort through. I ended up taking about four large cardboard boxes full of them and they were a serious PAIN to get from his house to mine even though I only live 8 minutes away! Books are heavy! I also acquired three more boxes from my best friend’s collection. This is all on top of our already-enormous collection of our own. When hubby and I end up moving out of this house, we’re definitely hiring movers because we have more books than we know what to do with at this point and I do NOT look forward to having to pack all of them.

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