New Year; New Challenges, Episode IV

January 1, 2014. The official start of yet another year’s 100 book reading challenge. This year my goal will be 130 books. Every year that I’ve been successful in reading 100 books I tack on another 10 for the following year. (2011 = 100 books, 2012 = 110 books, 2013 = 120 books, etc.) I’m always giddy with anticipation for the new year’s challenge to start. Seeing my book counter reset to 0 again motivates me like nothing else. You can keep track of what I’m reading throughout the year by viewing my book list page here!

In no particular order, here are some of the titles I’m looking forward to reading in 2014:

  1. The Midnight Rose by Lucinda Riley
  2. The Dancing Master by Julie Klassen
  3. Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare
  4. Full Steam Ahead by Karen Witemeyer
  5. Written In My Own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon
  6. The Forbidden Queen by Anne O’Brien

I’m sure that as the year unfolds I’ll be continually adding to this list. After all, I am a book addict and I can never have enough books to read.

So readers, what are you looking forward to reading this year? Share some titles with me below!

17 thoughts on “New Year; New Challenges, Episode IV

  1. I’ve just started Divergent, Veronica Roth. After the Hunger Games I am now all about dystopia novels. I’m not usually much of a novel reader, really more a non-fiction fan, so it’s exiting that I have found a new genre to enjoy.

  2. I have started the year with the challenge of reading “The Luminaries” by Eleanor Catton all 839 pages. I then have about twenty others lined up ready to go including some modern crime thrillers alongside some classics. This year I intend to read “Crime and Punishment” and “Ulysses”. They have sat there for a while but this is the year to conquer them. My book target is 52 this year, a book a week so we shall see how we go. Good luck with your target! 🙂

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