What Are You Reading This February?

I need to first apologize for the extreme lack of blogging that’s been occurring this month! It’s been very busy here in the Denny-Ryder household. First, I’ve been job searching! I can happily say that after some stress, I’ve found a job which I think fits me perfectly – bookseller!

On top of job searching I’ve been planning a baby shower for my sister, who is due with the first baby in our family in April! I’m SO excited to become a first-time aunt and welcome my niece Charlotte into the world. As a book lover you can guess what I’ve begun collecting for her. There are books all over the house, just waiting to be read to her.

With that bit of housekeeping out-of-the-way, on to what I’m reading this month!

What Are You Reading 2-18

I’ve been on a bit of a Young Adult reading kick recently, so continuing in that vein I’m reading the second book in Eve Marie Mont’s Unbound series, A Touch of Scarlet. I literally finished the first book, A Breath of Eyre, yesterday, and found myself totally intrigued by a series in which the main character gets to live inside her favorite classic literature novels. In book one Emma gets to live in the pages of Jane Eyre. In book two she travels to The Scarlet Letter, and in book three (due out in March) she travels to the pages of The Phantom of the Opera.  It’s a really unique series and I’d recommend it just from what I’ve read so far.

Next on the list is John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. I know what you’re thinking – how have I not read this book yet!!?! Now that the trailer for the film has come out I realized that time was running out for me to read it, hence its addition to my list this month.

Finally, I’ve picked up The Accidental Feminist by M.G. Lord. As a big fan of old films and Elizabeth Taylor, I’m interested in learning how she raised the public’s collective consciousness about feminism through her films. From Butterfield 8 and Cleopatra, to Giant and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, she was a powerhouse performer that rocked roles about strong female leads.

Well folks, enough about me. What are you reading this month?

41 thoughts on “What Are You Reading This February?

  1. I have tried to read John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. I could not do it. Lol. But it’s more of a personal preference. I really am interested about the Unbound series and I might just end up looking for that book next time I stop by the bookstore. Lol.

  2. The shock of the fall by Nathan Filer. I cannot put it down….. There is a deep sadness throughout the book that stays with you. On a personal note, not a good thing but definitely the sign of a good writer.

  3. Congratulations on the new job! I recently read “The Other Typist” by Suzanne Rindell, which was great, and am now reading “Daughters of Jerusalem” by Charlotte Mendelson, which is also good.

  4. If you love the series of a girl getting to step inside of her favourite books, you will love Jasper Fforde’s “Thursday Next” series. These are some of the most brilliant reads in existence.

  5. i`ve left fiction alone for a month, i`m reading The End Of The Party by Andrew Rawnsley about the fall of the New Labour movement. To be fair though it does read like a political thriller (if you can imagine politics being thrilling)!

  6. I haven’t read The Fault in Our Stars yet either. It’s on the near-future list though. I’m currently reading Piers Anthony’s first Xanth series book, The Spell of Chameleon, as well as rereading The Shining before progressing to Doctor Sleep.

  7. Reblogged this on Humble Beginnings with Vic ! and commented:
    I recently read The Fault in Our Stars after my sixteen year old son suggested I read and I must say it was a truely tremendous read considering it was adult fiction ! was surprised ! I am currently reading First Love author James Patterson I’m sure many know him and this Novel reminds of the storyline in The Fault in Our Stars but we will not spoil the story line also Suzanna s Diary to Nicholas was a great read. I can always talk books. Love to read so keep posting !

  8. I read The Fault in our Stars last year and I loved it, John Green nailed the female teenager perspective (from my point of view), without coming off as needy or corny. Right now I’m reading Persuasion, it’s my first Austen novel ever and I’m enjoying it more than I expected!

  9. I’m also hopelessly late to ‘The Fault in our Stars’ bandwagon! I’m about to go to the library to restock but this month I read ‘Chinese Cinderella’ (excellent), ‘Smut’ by Alan Bennet (highly addictive, took all of one train journey) and an unusual offering by Phillipa Gregory ‘The Little House’. It was far away from her usual historical fiction, it was a truly gripping story about post-natal depression.

  10. I’m reading Jane Austen Education, and I just finished Little House on the Prairie again, as I’m making my way through the Little House series for the umpteenth time for fun. I also have a Steinbeck book on my shelf, and am about to start Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Mineral.

    • Little House on the Prairie was the first series that I can say ever made me emotional. I remember reading those books as a kid and just crying or laughing or being shocked at the hardships they were facing. Have you heard of a book titled The Wilder Life? The author visited all the sites Laura and her family lived at and then wrote about them. And about the books in general and how they were published. Interesting read for Little House fans.

  11. I have to say I’ve read some AWESOME books this month! Just finished The Dinner and Cover of Snow, Look Me In The Eye, Once We Were Brothers (which omg should be like a requirement to be alive…), so many books so little time!!!!!!

    • Look Me in the Eye is wonderful. He’s written two other books since that one was published: Be Different & Raising Cubby. John’s brother is also a writer. One of my favorites to be exact. His name is Augusten Burroughs and he writes memoirs. His first was titled Running With Scissors, followed by Dry, Magical Thinking, Possible Side Effects, A Wold at the Table, and You Better Not Cry. His writing voice is amazing and I recommend giving him a read. Their lives were fascinating and SO messed up.

    • Oh! And follow up to that comment. I got to meet John and a book event he did near where I used to live in CT. He is such a kind man and was one of the most interesting people I’ve had the pleasure of hearing speak. I love finding people who have read his books because more people should be reading him than are.

      • ugh so jealous! I actually read his book BECAUSE of my true love for Augusten Burroughs so funny! He is fantastic. I’m almost finished with Raising Cubby, I am listening to the audiobook and I love how he tells stories. I like don’t want to get out of the car!

  12. I haven’t heard of the Unbound series, but you have me really intrigued by the concept. A little unsure about starting another series, but never say never … Have you started the third book yet? I haven’t read TFIOS yet, so I’ll be trying to catch up too.

  13. This month I am looking to read The Fault in Our Stars since I have seen nothing but spectacular reviews as well as the Shawdowdwellers series and The Mortal Instrument Series as well.

  14. Congratulations on becoming an aunt! So exciting!
    Have you ever read Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict? A 21st century woman becomes ‘trapped’ in an 18th Century world but she’s a lover of Jane Austen so she’s not too upset. I think you might get a kick out of it if you liked A Touch of Scarlet (which sounds like a really cool idea for a novel and despite my aversion to YA I totally just added this to my TBR list!)

  15. Just finished The Book Thief and Reconstructing Amelia. Both of which I thought were great books. Next up is The Red Tent, Beautiful Creatures, and possibly Emma. The Fault in Our Stars is on my list to read eventually, but I don’t know that I’ll get to it this month.

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