Sam Asks: Where Has Reading Taken You?

10006937_10100599367070623_6774052526976724838_nA few weekends ago my family and I took a little trip to Boston to visit some friends. It was a perfect fall weekend in one of my favorite cities. Just like every other twenty-something parent with a smart phone I took countless pictures of my baby girl so that all the folks back home could feel like there were with us. Plus…that face…I can’t even talk about it, she’s just…ahh!

Ok, back on track. When I was pregnant we started reading to Scarlett Liv every night, a tradition that we continue to this day. Every night my husband and I pick a book and take turns reading to our little bundle. I am proud to say that the kid has so many books that they can’t all fit in her room! We have a ton lining the walls in our basement and next to the bathtub and near the high chair. Scarlett is drawn to books. She loves to point to different pictures and words and we love to show her what they mean. It is a great joy to watch her fall in love with text and to engage with reading so early.

The best thing about being a reader is that you get to travel to so many places and experience so many wonderful or terrible things that you would not otherwise understand. Most of the time these travels are from the comfort of your own home, but on special occasions you find yourself in the setting of one your favorite stories. I got to experience a bit of that this weekend with my family.

Boston happens to be the setting of two books that have become a staple in our nighttime ritual. The first is Goodnight Boston by Adam Gamble. This formulaic bedtime story guides readers through a full tour of Boston’s best sights from morning to night, spring to winter. We love this book and all of the others in the Goodnight series. The second Boston book we love is the classic Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey, a charming story of a mama and papa duck looking to start a family in the great city of Boston.

On our tour of Boston we were able to see two places from Scarlett’s reading life, and though she won’t be able to remember being at the Aquarium or Boston Public Gardens, I will. I was there the first time that a book came to life for my baby, and I have the picture to prove it!  I know this will happen to her again and again, and I can only hope she’s as nerdy as I am so that the experience will mean something to her!

The more that you read the more that you’ll know, the more that you learn the more places you’ll go! – Dr. Seuss

I’m sure Dr. Seuss meant this more so in the metaphoric sense, but I’m loving it today because of its literal meaning. Reading takes you places.

Read. Go.

Go. Read.

Where has reading taken you? Literal AND Metaphoric places welcome 🙂

Happy Reading!

6 thoughts on “Sam Asks: Where Has Reading Taken You?

  1. I love this post! And I love your adorable little girl’s name 🙂 I live just north of Boston and it’s always been one of my favorite cities with it’s history, culture, museums, and of course the library. When I was a children’s librarian, once a year I would do a Boston themed Storytime which always began with Make Way For Ducklings. You also asked where reading has taken you. One of the best days of my life was when I learned how to read. It’s taken me to real and imaginary places where I’ve met fascinating people, and it’s made me dream. I honestly cannot imagine life without books. Thank you for this wonderful, thoughtful post 🙂

  2. When my daughters were 6 and 9 we drove to Prince Edward Island, we listened to Anne of Green Gables on audio cassette on the long drive. After we returned home they watched the movie but their first images were from the book and then the place. I read Prime of Miss Jean Brody before going to Edinburgh, Scotland. Read Call of the Wild while in Alaska. Keep up the good work of books and places – so fun.

  3. I agree. Reading is the answer to boredom, to having an adventure whilst never leaving your couch. I am a teacher and I can’t stress enough to my students the benefits of reading. I try so hard to expose them to great literature and to instil in them a genuine love of reading. I try hard to match a text to the most reluctant of readers and sometimes it works, sometimes it’s a work in progress. I have learned so much from books and even some of my boring books, that I preserved with I came away richer with something from them. Sometimes it’s just the achievement in itself to finish a book that is not entirely engaging and feeling proud that I preserved with it. Whatever the case I am glad that there are millions of like minded people that enjoy reading just as much as I do and I am glad that I can share my thoughts on this blog.

  4. I totally agree, the best thing about reading is it takes you places. It also helps you empathize with people you would never otherwise meet in real life.

    Reading has taken me to the Bronx as a member of a street gang (The Other Wes Moore), on the Streets of Dublin (Ulysses), to the depleted future (A Friend of the Earth), and so many more unexpected places : )

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