2012 110 Book List

Here is the running tally of what I’ve read this year.  The book names are linked to their reviews.


  1. I met my goal of 110 books on August 8th. After thinking about it, I’ve decided to up my goal for the year to 160!
  2. I’m still super behind on reviews and have taken to writing short reviews for some of them on Goodreads only.  Where the review is not one posted on my site I’ll make a note and link to Goodreads.
  3. I met my second goal of 160 books on October 24th.  New goal to meet by year end…..200 books!!


  1. Walking Dead (Hardcovers Book Four)
  2. His Good Opinion
  3. Tears of Pearl
  4. Dangerous to Know
  5. Twilight: The Graphic Novel Vol 2
  6. A Crimson Warning
  7. Mr. Darcy’s Proposal
  8. Becoming Elizabeth Darcy
  9. From Now Until Forever
  10. The Wicked Lord Rasenby
  11. Ravished By The Rake
  12. Lady Rosabella’s Ruse
  13. The Last Cahill Cowboy
  14. The Apothecary’s Daughter
  15. The Night Sky

YTD = 15


  1. Compulsively Mr. Darcy
  2. The Painted Lady
  3. Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Last Man In The World
  4. An Unlikely Alliance
  5. The Greatest Knight
  6. Montfort: The Early Years
  7. Dreaming of Mr. Darcy
  8. Tho’ It Were Ten Thousand Miles
  9. Wither
  10. A Night to Surrender
  11. Fever
  12. Once Upon A Winter’s Eve
  13. Surrender of a Siren

YTD = 28


  1. Seduced by the Scoundrel
  2. Compromising Kessen
  3. A Lady of Persuasion
  4. Goddess of the Hunt
  5. Fifty Shades of Grey
  6. The Book of Lost Fragrances
  7. Fifty Shades Darker
  8. Fifty Shades Freed
  9. Across the Universe
  10. A Million Suns
  11. The Marriage Bargain
  12. Maid For Love
  13. Fool For Love
  14. Ready For Love
  15. Falling For Love***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  16. Hoping For Loves***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  17. Jonah’s Bride
  18. Married to a Stranger
  19. The Forest Laird
  20. A Week To Be Wicked***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  21. Persuade Me

YTD = 49


  1. A Pemberley Medley
  2. Embroideries
  3. The Redemption of Lord Rawlings
  4. The Replacement Wife
  5. Amethyst
  6. Emerald
  7. Forevermore
  8. Amber***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  9. Homespun Bride
  10. For Myself Alone
  11. A Thousand Days In Venice
  12. I Kissed An Earl
  13. To Seduce An Earl***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  14. To Wed A Wicked Earl
  15. The Canterbury Tales
  16. Wentworth Hall
  17. Intentions of the Earl
  18. Liberty for Paul
  19. To Win His Wayward Wife
  20. The Naked Duke
  21. Darcy and Elizabeth: The Language of the Fan
  22. The Flower Reader
  23. When I Dream, I Have You***Reviewed on Goodreads only

YTD = 72


  1. Deadlocked
  2. Hold Me Tight and Tango Me Home
  3. The Naked Baron
  4. The Naked Marquis
  5. The Naked Earl
  6. The Naked Viscount
  7. Jane Vows Vengeance
  8. The Naked Gentleman
  9. The Naked King
  10. The Orchid House
  11. Lord of Vengeance

YTD = 83


  1. Season For Love***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  2. The Siren
  3. Seven Day Loan
  4. The Virgin Suicides
  5. The Opportunist***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  6. Pride and Pyramids
  7. Upon A Midnight Dream
  8. The Queen’s Vow
  9. The Maid of Fairbourne Hall
  10. Bargain With The Devil
  11. The Spinster’s Vow***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  12. Violet***Reviewed on Goodreads only

YTD = 95


  1. Lily***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  2. Short-Straw Bride
  3. 8: The Previously Untold Story of the Previously Unknown 8th Dwarf
  4. Submit to Desire***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  5. The Plight and Plot of Princess Penny
  6. He Taught Me To Hope
  7. The Angel
  8. Little Red Riding Crop***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  9. Three Weddings and a Murder***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  10. The Wedding Dress

YTD = 105


  1. A Heart For Milton
  2. Pulse and Prejudice
  3. Her Sudden Groom***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  4. A Kiss At Midnight
  5. Wicked Intentions***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  6. When Beauty Tamed The Beast
  7. Notorious Pleasures***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  8. Train Station Bride
  9. Scandalous Desires***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  10. Weekends Required***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  11. Not Planning on You***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  12. Thief of Shadows***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  13. Maid For the Billionaire***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  14. For Love or Legacy***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  15. Bedding the Billionaire***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  16. Her Reluctant Groom***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  17. Rose***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  18. Lost In Temptation***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  19. Mr. Darcy’s Refuge
  20. A Lady By Midnight***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  21. The Duke Is Mine

YTD: 126


  1. The Ugly Duchess
  2. Changeling
  3. The Walking Dead (Hardcovers Book Five)
  4. Bewitched, Body and Soul: Miss Elizabeth Bennet
  5. Whispered Music
  6. Gabriel’s Inferno
  7. Gabriel’s Rapture
  8. Her Secondhand Groom***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  9. Murder Most Austen
  10. The Lovesick Cure***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  11. To Win Her Heart
  12. Broken***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  13. 1Q84
  14. Head in the Clouds
  15. Dirty***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  16. Tempted***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  17. Reason Enough***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  18. Everything Changes***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  19. Stranger***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  20. Deeper***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  21. Switch***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  22. Naked***Reviewed on Goodreads only

YTD: 148


  1. Persuaded
  2. One Dance With A Duke
  3. Shout Her Lovely Name
  4. The Marriage Trap***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  5. Emma (The Graphic Novel)
  6. Twice Tempted by a Rogue
  7. Three Nights with a Scoundrel
  8. Morning Light***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  9. The Girl on the Cliff
  10. The Second Shot***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  11. The Wedding Runaway***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  12. Storming the Castle
  13. Winning the Wallflower
  14. The Perfect Question***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  15. A Highlander for Christmas ***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  16. Lady Amelia’s Secret Lover***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  17. The Girl in the Gatehouse
  18. The Theory of Attraction***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  19. Seduced by a Pirate***Reviewed on Goodreads only

YTD: 167


  1. In A Treacherous Court
  2. Dangerous Sanctuary***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  3. Longing For Love***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  4. The Devil Duke Takes A Bride***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  5. Two Turtledoves***Reviewed on Goodreads Only
  6. The Marriage Mistake***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  7. The Prince
  8. The Mission ***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  9. A Rogue By Any Other Name***Reviewed on Goodreads Only
  10. The Holiday Hoax ***Reviewed on Goodreads only

YTD: 177


  1.  Mr. Darcy Bites Back
  2. Mr. Collins’s Last Supper ***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  3. An Heiress At Heart
  4. White Lion’s Lady
  5. All My Tomorrows
  6. Mail-Order Holiday Brides (Home For Christmas/Snowflakes for Dry Creek)***Reviewed on Goodreads only
  7. Waking Up Married***Reviewed on Goodreads only

YTD: 184

3 thoughts on “2012 110 Book List

  1. i have noticed from this list that you like a lot of historical fiction/romance and also austen inspired books. i didn’t know if you welcomed suggestions or not but i am a huge book fiend. i have read classic fiction, historical fiction/romance, some austen, a few murder/mystery, as well as some young adult books and series. if you are up for something that mixes murder/mystery and romance with some supernatural i suggest the ‘anita blake, vampire hunter’ novels by laurell k hamilton. they are a great read and i find them rather addicting. that could be because i started the series in the middle by accident though, lol. anyway, the first book is called ‘guilty pleasures’. i am on ‘incubus dreams’ and have yet to find a novel that i haven’t liked, if not loved. thanks for your time and i hope you enjoy the books if you get the chance to read them.

    • I LOVE recommendations. I 100% add them to my ever growing to-read list. I can’t promise I’ll get to them this year, but I promise I will do it! Thank you so much for your recommendations. I love mysteries, especially one with paranormal twists! I’ll be sure to post a review when I read Guilty Pleasures!

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply! From what you have said I know you will love ‘Guilty Pleasures’. I look forward to your review whenever you get to it. 🙂

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