Reflections of a Book Addict: ArmchairBEA Day 2 & 3

Unfortunately my day got a bit hectic yesterday, putting me a day behind on my ArmchairBEA posts.  The theme of yesterday’s post was supposed to be “The Best of 2011.”  Below are four of my favorite books that I’ve read so far this year!

  1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte – Classic book that I just had the pleasure of reading for the first time.  (Epic failure on my part)  This tops my best of 2011 list because of how much I loved the book.  Jane Eyre embodied everything that is wonderful about books. The writing was superb; the story was dramatic, emotional, passionate, etc.  There is a reason why people still fall in love with this book 100+ years later.
  2. The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins – Amazing series of books!  Collins describes a post-apocalyptic world in which “tributes” are chosen to fight to the death for the honor of their home state.  Peeta and Katniss, two main tributes that hail from the same district, must fight for their own survival and deal with their feelings for each other.  It’s never a dull moment with this series: I was always on the edge of my seat! 
  3. Stardust by Neil Gaiman – Neil Gaiman writes the story of Tristran Thorn, an average young man living an average life until he goes on a quest to find a fallen star.  The writing of the narrative was very descriptive, allowing the reader to experience the world that Gaiman created.  It makes for an interesting way to read a fantasy novel.
  4. Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris – What can I say about Sookie Stackhouse.  Full of humor, violence, sex, plot twists, and other extremes, Harris creates an amazing novel where we follow Sookie along on her quest to live a normal life among the supernatural world.  Her hilarious asides blend seamlessly with the action and make this series one of my favorites.  I am already eagerly counting down the days until book 12 is released next May!

2011 has so far been an awesome year for books!  I’m really looking forward to continuing along my journey to 100.  If you’re interested in seeing what other books I’ve read so far this year check out my 2011 book list.

Today (5/25)’s theme was a way to create a network amongst the ArmchairBEA participants.  Bloggers interviewed other bloggers and posted the interviews up on their own blogs.  I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Bethany of Subtle Melodrama!  Bethany posted the interview today, and you can find a link to it here.

Due to my finding out about ArmchairBEA super last-minute I myself wasn’t able to interview anyone for today’s posting.  Fear not readers, as I will be signing myself up nice and early next year so that I can take part in all the festivities!

For more information on ArmchairBEA click here.

Until tomorrow, happy reading!!

#35 A Review of Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

Cover Image

Charlaine Harris presents us with the 11th installment in the Sookie Stackhouse series: Dead Reckoning.  Up until now, our heroine Sookie has been chased and attacked by all members of the undead/supernatural worlds, provided her services to the vampire community, and become intertwined in relationships with vampire Bill, Alcide, and Mr. Eric Northman.  Seems as if nothing more can happen in Sookie’s life, no?  Not if Harris has anything to say with it! 

Just when Sookie thinks her life is settling down, Merlotte’s (the bar she works in) gets bombed. Suspicion originally falls on anti-shifter groups, as Sam (the bar’s owner) is a known shifter.  If this wasn’t enough, Sookie also has to deal with a growing rift between her and her love interest Eric, who is distracted and stressed himself.  He is working with his vampire-child Pam on overthrowing Victor, the right hand man of the king of Louisiana and Nevada, who is both power and money hungry.  The blood-bond between the two of them is truly tested through all of this, and Sookie must try to hold on to her feelings and sense of identity as she becomes disillusioned with herself after all of her dealings with the paranormal that have come into her life and disrupted her small town girl persona.  Also, we come to find out a little more about Sookie’s family history, as well as discovering how her telepathy came to be.  Will all these changes rattle Sookie beyond repair?  Will her relationship with Eric survive?  Will she?
I’ve come to the realization after reading all 11 books that Charlaine Harris has written them as one large series.  (I know what you’re thinking, “well duh it’s a series”).  What I mean when I say this is that while each book stands by itself, it’s really all one massive story that needs each book to get it to its final conclusion.  Some of the books are bigger on pushing the characters to a certain place emotionally, while others move us along with the plot. Many fans were complaining that book 10, Dead in the Family, was boring and not enough “conflict” happened. I think that Dead Reckoning  will make them happier.  The book moved the plot and characters to a place which will cause big things to happen.  Harris is slated to write 2 more books and let me tell you, the current setup will let these last two books to be action packed blockbusters.  In Dead Reckoning Harris doesn’t completely resolve certain plot pieces, so it’s not a stretch to think that she will revisit them and bring them to climactic conclusions.
Dead Reckoning is definitely for the more mature audience.  Sookie and Eric get it on hot and heavy, as usual.  There is also a lot of violence, as there is a fairly large fight scene that happens towards the end of the novel.  Those with queasy stomaches should prepare themselves.  However, it’s not all R rated.  Harris’ humor shines through, as it always does, with Sookie’s witty comments and hilarious inner monologue.  It was a treat as usual to read.
My only disappointment in the novel was the continuation of the “Pelt” storyline.  I understand that Harris is trying to complete the smaller storylines to make room for the monster conflict that will complete the series, but I just felt that it was already resolved and didn’t warrant any revisiting.  Despite this Dead Reckoning is fun, energetic, full of spunk, and one book in the series you will not want to miss!
4 out of 5 Stars
Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris
Penguin Group (2011)
Hardcover 336 pages