Catching Up!

Good evening folks! I’m here to apologize for the lack of posts the past four days.  I’ve been traveling, sick, and celebrating my birthday!  This past Saturday Todd and I traveled down to NYC to visit my sister Christine and go for dinner.  It was definitely an experience traveling in Manhattan so close to 9/11, with uniformed and plainclothes security present all over the subway and train stations.  Not to be deterred, we first met up with Adam Gorsline (of Adam’s Film Friday fame) and had lunch at the Shake Shack.  Next, he showed us his new apartment and walked with us down a street fair on 3rd avenue.  We then traveled to my mecca, the Strand.  Adam, having never been to the Strand before, was throughly impressed with the miles of bookshelves and huge assortment of all things book-related.

Next, we met up with my sister Christine and her fiance Jason and ate at a great tapas restaurant called Boqueria that reminded us a lot of Spain.  After that, we went to a bar named Vapiano, where we met the one and only Adam Spunberg!  For those of you who don’t know, Adam is an associate editor for the entertainment blog Picktainment, as well as a co-creator of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat.  After working with him on numerous projects and being a guest on the Chat, I was so excited to finally meet him!

As for the remainder of the weekend/beginning of the week, I was unfortunately stuck being sick, which has caused me to lose my voice and in general feel pretty dreary.  Today however, I am feeling a bit better (hopefully this was because it was my birthday) and had some good food with friends tonight in New Haven.  So, stay tuned for your regularly scheduled blogging coming back on-line tomorrow and apologies again for the delay!

Check This Out – The Hunger Games Fireside Chat

Tonight is the seventeenth episode of The Hunger Games Fireside chat, hosted over on the Picktainment website by friends of the blog Adam S and Savanna!  Todd and I were both asked to join in on this special edition where they’ll be discussing the differences and similarities between The Hunger Games and Battle Royale.  For those of you unfamiliar with Battle Royale it’s a similar book/movie in which teenagers are forced to battle to the death in an arena.

For the full list of tonight’s participants and a more specific breakdown of discussion points, check out the promo here.  You can follow along the discussion on Twitter as well.  Participants and their twitter names are below:

Adam Spunberg (Host): @AdamSpunberg
Savanna New (Co-Host/Producer): @MlleNouveau
Down with the Capitol: @HungerGamesDWTC
The Hob: @TheHobOrg
Crystal: @pikko/@mockingjaynet/@FictionalFood
Natalie: @nataliezutter/@crushabledotcom
Kim and Todd: @lifeand100books and @ttotheodd
Rebekah: @Rebekahdg
Jon Rosenthal: @tgtsnbn
Ariel: @Madam_Pince

Todd and I are super pumped to be joining all of these great participants tonight.  We hope you listen in!

Happy listening!

Check This Out – Hunger Games Fireside Chat

About a month ago I got an email from Adam Spunberg, a co-creator of the Jane Austen Twitter Project, thanking me for the kind blog piece I wrote about the project.  The two of us began emailing back and forth talking about author events in our area and also about books that we loved.  Adam mentioned that he thought I would like the Hunger Games trilogy.   He told me about how awesome they were and about a podcast he was starting to discuss the books and the film that was going to begin production.  I went out that weekend and got all three books in the series, finished them, and proceeded to email Adam to tell him how much I loved them!  He was kind enough to offer me a guest spot TONIGHT on The Hunger Games Fireside Chat podcast.

For a brief rundown of what is going to be discussed tonight, along with the other guests, and a link for the podcast click here.

For my reviews of the books in The Hunger Game trilogy click below:

The Hunger Games

Catching Fire


I have to thank Adam Spunberg and Savanna New for the awesome opportunity to be on the podcast! The podcast begins tonight at 10pm eastern time.  I hope you decide to tune in!

Until then, happy reading!