Living With a Book Addict: Moving With a Book Addict


The beginning of book packing!

For those of you that don’t know, due to my recent job change Kim and I moved to North Brunswick, NJ from our apartment in Hamden, CT.  Of course, with this move came all the fun of packing our apartment.  Fortunately we had a professional moving service take care of the larger items for us.  Unsurprisingly, we all know that our most prized possessions (books) were the first things packed.

One important fact to consider about books is that they are relatively heavy for their size.  Pack a standard cardboard box full of books and it’s going to weigh a lot.  At first, moving these boxes around the apartment wasn’t too cumbersome, but after the tenth box was packed and moved, I seriously considered digitizing everything and putting it all on Kim’s Nook (just kidding, she’d never allow that).  Finally, after everything was packed and labeled, we had around 27 boxes chock full of literature!  I know it seems like a lot, but in all honestly we had a good amount of giveaways and donations leading up to the move, so we were able to pare down the collection a bit.  I’m sure the Hamden Public Library was pretty sick of me coming by with bags after a while!

Another thing to consider is the bookcases!  Once we finally moved in, we had a lot more wall space, which you may think equals more bookcases.  So far, we only have one more, but that doesn’t mean that this place won’t look like a library some time soon.  So, after one trip to Ikea to replace one of the broken bookcases, we are officially back in business!  Also, now that we’ve made room in our collection, we now have more room than before to fill out the shelves with new books.  So, let us know below if you’ve had to move your own book collections.  Was it painless or did you collapse among an avalanche of paper?

Happy reading!