Europe Trip Recap – Day 6 (As told by Todd)

Why hello there loyal readers.  I know by now you are enamored by our trip to Italy (just kidding), but I figured I’d spice things up a bit and tell you about day 6 from my point of view.  Just as a disclaimer, my point of view mainly concerns food and cool scenery, so this description may be a bit heavy in those areas (no pun intended). Anyway, we pulled into port and immediately began our one hour trip to Positano on the Amalfi Coast (southwestern coast of Italy, above the

Kim in Positano

“boot”).  We had a driver named Nico who drove us from city to city, offering some tour guide-esque comments and funny observations about tourists in general (he mostly drove Americans and thought we were hilarious… I guess Jersey Shore didn’t totally kill our rep?)  He was native to Sorrento, so he knew the roads like the back of his hand.  This was very lucky, as the majority of the drive to Positano is on the edge of a cliff!  Finally we arrived in what I think of when I think of an Italian town in the movies: Positano.  Although it’s not a really large city, Positano was filled to the brim with colorful shops, lots of people, and a general smell of lemon in the air (they’re famous for Limoncello).  The people we met there were incredibly nice and really eager to talk to us.  It was definitely a highlight of the trip for me and a place I would definitely like to go back to.

I ate the lemon on the left (the massive one)

After we took some pictures and I ate some of the native lemons (which actually taste kind of like bread; they are on the left in the picture), we drove back the way we came and arrived in Sorrento.  I must stop here and tell you that Sorrento was definitely my favorite town in all of Italy and I would totally become an ex-patriot and live there if I had tons of money and the ability to speak

Us in Sorrento

more than “bathroom” and “beer” in Italian.  Sorrento was an awesome city that was filled with old-school Italian charm and had a really cool vibe to it.  I had the most fantastic/delicious/should be illegal it’s so good pizza there in a small restaurant called da Gigino, recommended by Nico.  Unfortunately I have no picture of said pizza because it was so delicious it absorbed all of the light around it, but you can take my word for it.  After shopping and walking around Sorrento and wishing that I could live there, we had to reluctantly get back into the car with Nico and continue our journey on to Pompeii.

After driving about another 40 minutes of so, we arrived in Pompeii.  Originally covered in almost 30 feet of ash, Pompeii was engulfed during an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.  Although much of the artifacts in the original city are now preserved in a museum, it was still really cool to see all the original houses and streets in the city.  It’s much, much bigger than I originally thought.  We could spend literally a day or two there and still not see every little plot of land.  Although it was really hot in the beginning, it soon started to rain lightly and we appreciated the cool breeze.  We then made it back to the boat with a half hour or so to spare in time to take a nap and get ready for dinner.

Of course, being on vacation and all, we couldn’t have just any dinner, we had Cirque Dreams and Dinner!  Taking place under a tent built-in a room on the boat, we got to see some awesome acrobatics and funny acts.  It was definitely a great end to an awesome day.  Tune in tomorrow for day 7 of our Eurotrip…

Bonus pics:

Amalfi Coast