#18 A Guest Review of Echoes of Love by Rosie Rushton

My newest guest review is up on the Austenprose blog today!

Echoes of Love is a Persuasion influenced teen romance.  It is the fifth novel in the 21st Century Austen series by Rosie Rushton.  The series takes Jane Austen’s novels, and turns them into contemporary romances for teens. 

Anna Elliot and Felix Wentworth were the loves of each others lives.  Unfortunately Anna’s family comes between them, forcing them apart from each other.  Anna continues living her normal life while Felix, a soldier, is sent off to war in Afghanistan.  Two years later Felix is on leave and is back in town.  Anna, remorseful for their split, begins trying to figure out a way to get back with Felix and show him how much she still loves him.  Will her plans work??

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