Kim’s Guest Review of Maya Banks’ Sweet Series (1-3) with Kelly

So when I tell you that I’ve written a dueling review with my bestest reading buddy Kelly, from Reading with Analysis, you should automatically know two things about the post:

1. It is going to be HILARIOUS

2. It is going to be epic in its length (that’s what she said)

Back in March Kelly and I read and duel reviewed Maya Banks’ Rush. We weren’t fans. Being the nice readers we are though, we didn’t write Banks and her books off completely.  We’d heard from several sources that her Sweet series was much better. So, on we went to read the first three books in the series: Sweet Surrender, Sweet Persuasion, and Sweet Seduction.  

To find out what we thought, head over to Kelly’s blog. Our post is here


As an aside – if anyone can explain the significance of the fruit for each of the books I’ll love you forever.  Honestly….I really don’t understand the grapes and their significance in book three.