#5 A Review of Twilight The Graphic Novel Vol 2 by Young Kim and Stephenie Meyer

Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 2As most of you know I’m quite the fan of graphic novels.  Their uniqueness and ability to depict more than just the words written on the page really piques my interest.  Therefore, although Twilight by Stephanie Meyer always seems to catch a lot of flak, I was determined to read it in graphic novel form and see if it matched my views on the novel and its movie adaptation.  It has been split into two volumes, the first volume having been published in 2010.  I read the first volume a while ago and enjoyed the illustrations immensely, so I excitedly dove into to the second volume and waited to see what Young Kim’s second adaptation had in store.

I won’t go into a huge summary, I think everyone is familiar enough with the basic storyline of Twilight to know it’s about Bella, a teenager who falls in love with Edward Cullen, a vampire.  The second volume picks up with Edward and Bella in the infamous meadow scene that Meyer credits for being the inspiration behind the novel.

I know that Twilight gets a bad rap for poor writing/ridiculous storylines, but there is something about this adaptation that gives it its (pardon the expression) sparkle back.  The scenes and dialogue that were chosen to grace the pages of volume two were very well done.  Kim’s illustrations were well worth the wait between the publishing dates of volume one & two, and bring new light to the series.  I enjoy the fact that even though the Twilight film was already out when these volumes were being drawn, Kim chose to draw them not to reflect the actors, but to reflect the characters.  In doing so, I thought it gave the work some of its integrity back.  The first film was sorta lackluster for me, so it was a treat to be able to see illustrations that matched what Meyer actually had in mind when writing. (i.e The meadow, the Cullen house, Rosalie and Alice’s prom gowns)

I also wanted to quickly note how awesome the covers for these two volumes are.  When placed together they are a mural of Edward and Bella in the meadow.  (Very cool touch)  Overall, although I already knew what to expect from this work according to how I felt with the first novel, it was still a great read that gave me new insight into an old storyline.  Meyer’s writing, coupled with Kim’s amazing illustrations made a great marriage that was highly entertaining.

4 out of 5 Stars

This is my third completed review for the Around The Stack In How Many Ways Challenge

Twilight The Graphic Novel Vol 2 by Young Kim and Stephenie Meyer
Hachette Book Group (2011)
Hardcover 240 pages
ISBN: 9780316133197