#97 A Guest Review of Persuaded by Jenni James

This guest review is extra special to me, as it celebrates my two-year anniversary writing for the Austenprose blog! It’s been an absolute pleasure having Laurel Ann as my editor.  Not only have I grown as a writer, but I’ve grown as a reader due to her guidance.  I will be forever grateful for having a teacher and friend like her.

My review is on Persuaded, a modern, youthful adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.  If you’re trying to get a teen in your life addicted to Austen, give this series a try.

My full review can be found here.

3 thoughts on “#97 A Guest Review of Persuaded by Jenni James

  1. Hi there! I’m new to WordPress (just started my own blog, on a completely different subject) and was wandering around the neighborhood when I found your blog. Consider yourself with one more follower as I, too, am an avid reader and 100 books per year doesn’t sound out of line to me. I figure I probably average close to two books a week, but I’m not sure. It’s way too late for me to catch up counting for this year, but I think I’ll keep track starting in 2013, especially since even before I found you I decided to start a book reviews page on my blog – despite it having nothing to do with my blog’s main subject, really. I look forward to seeing what you’re reading as time goes on!

    • AWESOME!! Join us January 1, 2013 when we kick off our next 100 book challenge! I’ll be shooting for 120 next year. (Well first goal) Last year I met the 100 goal and decided to up it 10 books for 2012. I’ve hit the 110 goal, upped it to 160, met that, and re-upped it to 200. I figure I’ll up my original goal 10 books each year I succeed and just go from there.

      I really hope you’ll read with us! Can’t wait to see your reading choices!

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